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Whether you’ll have a boy or a girl?

Whenever you’re getting pregnant, a question will always stuck in your head; am I going to be mother of a boy or a girl. Isn’t it? No worries. There is some ways to find it out without taking a physical test; although most of them are not scientifically proven and are believed as rumours too. Still they are enticing for the future parents. You may also try our gender prediction calculator here.

In this article these symptoms will be revealed one after another. Can’t wait any longer to know these symptoms? Okay. Here we go

Fetal heart rate predictor

From your ancestors and house wives, you may have heard that a comparative faster fetal heart rate, around 140 beats per minute or above assumes that you’re going to be mother of a girl, whereas anything below that heart rate, predicts a boy. The reason behind this is, baby girls are used to be smaller in size along with faster heart beats compared to boys.    

Height of the bump

You’ll be hearing lots of interesting myths and beliefs from your ancestors and older house wives about pregnancy and several predicting processes to find out your baby’s gender. This is one of it. According to them, those going-to-be moms carrying the baby high in the belly are supposed to have a girl baby, while in opposite case, you can expect a boy. 

Sleep position  

You can also guess upcoming baby’s gender from your sleeping style. So check in which style you’d love to lay down in your bed. If you like to sleep on your left side, that indicates you can expect a boy, on the other hand, if it’s on your right side it is going to be a girl.  

Upset Stomach

You may also hypothesize whether it’s going to be a masculine or feminine interestingly through your physical conditions, as it is also believed that little girls may provide mother with worse conditions. For an instance, extreme nausea may indicate that you are going to be mother of a baby girl.

Dryness of your hand

Another interesting symptom is checking the dryness of your hand. I found this symptom worked really well for me. If you feel that your hands become dry during pregnancy, you are expecting a boy. On the contrary, if your hands are soft in this time, usually indicating a future lady in your womb.

Specific Food craving

Another interesting prediction method is preference of specific food during pregnancy period, which I found successful in my case for predicting child’s gender. Your particular food choice determines what would be the child’s sex. If you have craving for citrus in this time, it is assumed that the expecting baby is going to be a girl. Meanwhile, if you have prejudice for salt or potato chips, pretzels and popcorn, it forecasts a boy. On the other hand, if you’re really hungry and searches for sweet foods in this time like ice cream, chocolate or candy, it is going to be a girl instead.   

The pimple test

The pimple test is another way to find out the sex of the child in this period. If you find some sorts of acne in your skin, it means the growing hormones are making your skin to break it out which indicates the child’s sex is going to be a girl. Well, there is no perception from boy’s end, though.

Being elegant or ungraceful

If you detect that you’re becoming beautiful day by day in pregnancy period, you’ll going to have a girl or in other case, if you’re getting ungraceful, well, it’s going to be a lad instead.

Face weight gain

If you are finding that your face is getting fuller day by day; forecasts it’s going to be a girl for you.

Frequent mood changes

Well, in my case, I found this symptom a relevant one indeed. If you are facing comparatively frequent mood changes in this pregnancy time period, you may expect a baby girl in your womb.

Morning sickness madness

Are you facing troubles of keeping food inside during first trimester of your pregnancy? According to ancestors and elders you’re then carrying a daughter inside. Whether a lack of these types of morning sickness reveals that you’re going to have a boy baby.  

Pendulum test

In this test you have to hang a chain on your palm. If it sways front and back, congratulations, you will have a boy, if it moves in a circular way, then you will be expecting ‘her’!

Pee colour

For this particular test, I reckon to take a cup so that you can pee on it and the test would become smoother for you. Afterwards carefully check the pee colour. If you see dark urine almost like neon, it specifies that you’re going to be a mother of a boy. Meanwhile dull coloured light urine suggests a girl. 

Check your hand

If someone asks you to show your hand to him or her, if you hold your hands by putting up palms, that means, you may expect a girl and if putting the palms down, it indicates a baby boy.

Toddler advice

This is really interesting. You may invite an infant boy (not your own) to come closer to you and take advice from him. In the meantime, if the toddler asserts his interest towards your belly, you can expect your upcoming child is going to be a lady, if he doesn’t pay attention towards you it means it’s going to be a boy. Another indication, if you are expecting a girl, toddler girl will be reluctant to go around you.

Eating garlic

Our ancestors also assume the baby’s sex through eating garlic. After eating it during pregnancy, if there is deep smell coming from your mouth, it’s going to be a boy whereas if there is no scent that means, you are expecting a baby girl.

Picking the key

If you’re asked to hold a key, and you’re pick the round side of the key, you are going to have a boy, if it’s the long side of the key, it’s going to be a girl.

Even and Odd numbers

If your age and the year of conceiving; both are even or odd numbers, it’s going to be a girl, while if any of those is odd and the other is even, then it would be a lad.

Stress test

According to this symptom your upcoming child is supposed to be as the same sex as like the parent who is less stressed at the time of fertilization.

Dream meanings

The dreams that you will have during pregnancy period indicating the sex of your child happens just opposite in real world. For an example, if you dream about getting a girl you will be expecting a boy and vice versa.

Breast size

During pregnancy, if your right breast is larger than the left one you are going to have a future lady. In reverse case it’s going to be a baby boy.

With these symptoms, you can only predict the sex of your child, but to ensure this, definitely you have to take medical tests, which will confirm the gender of your upcoming baby. Best of Luck!

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