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What Should You Do When Your Teenage Child Steal?

If you are a parent and worried about your children getting along with a bad crowd and adopting bad habits like stealing then this article is ideally for you. In this article we shall discuss, how to handle your child (Lets consider it a boy for this article) when he steals something and how to discourage him.

Reasons why children steal?

Children have very week and sensitive mind. They learn from their surroundings. Many children “steal” those things which they don’t have. Children start stealing as young as the age of four. Although children are very innocent but they learn to steal things due to the lack of knowledge. There are many reasons due to which children start stealing but following are some major reasons of stealing.

  • Some children don’t have any control over them. Due to weak control on themselves, they start stealing money and other things which they don’t have.
  • Many children take stealing as an adventure. They just want to know how it feels when someone steals money or things. They also steal on small-scale just to impress their fellows and to become cool.
  • Children steal money to buy those things which they cannot afford. Mostly, those children steal who belong to a poor family.
  • Children feel embarrass to ask for money again and again from their parents so they start stealing it. They also steal money to buy their private things.
  • Boys sometimes steal money to buy cigarettes and beer.
  • Some children steal money in the pressure of their friends and fellows.
  • Children also steal money and things in the time of financial stress. They don’t want to share their anxiety and depression with their parents. They prefer to steal money and things from other people.

At what age do children start stealing?

Stealing is a psychological disorder. Children learn to steal things from their early age. Stealing usually starts at the age of four because at this age kids learn from their environment. They do all these things e.g. what they see in their surroundings. This psychological disorder is common in both girls and boys. Sometimes stealing becomes an alarming issue for the parents because it becomes the habit of their children. Stealing is common at the age of ten to fifteen years because of financial depression and stress. At this age, children require a proper guidance.

What should a parent do when his child steal?

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of your child, help and discourage him when he steals anything from anyone because stealing is a bad habit and it also makes the behavior of child ugly. This is also a very devastating experience for the parents that his child steals. Following are some tips that parents should follow if they want to get rid of this bad habit of their children. These tips are very effective.

Discourage your child in positive way

If you caught your child stealing anything, then discourage him by saying that this is a wrong deed. God does not like a child who steals. Clearly, tell him that prison is a punishment for this wrong deed. Don’t give him physical punishment just warns him for the next time. (You should infuse this idea as young as possible)

Stay cool and ask your child to accept his mistake

Don’t punish your child physically and raise your voice in bad way. Try to talk with your child in a graceful manner. Try to ask from your child why he steals if he knows that it is a wrong act. Ask your child to return back the thing which he steals from other person to increase his trust and self-esteem.

Forgive him and try to find out its cause

It is very difficult for parents to face this pain that his child is stealing. Don’t get panic, try to sit with him and discuss about the whole matter. If he admits his mistake forgive him by saying that don’t do it again because this habit will destroy his character. Try to find out the main reason behind the stealing so that you may fix it.

Establish a connection with your child

Parents should build a friendly relation with his children so that they discuss everything with their parents. By this, children will ask for any financial assistant from his parents instead of stealing. Parents should sit with all his kids, debate about stealing and tell them, this is a wrong deed which is against the moral values.

Praise your child

Don’t give any chance of stealing to your child. Parent should give every child equal toys and money. If your child speaks a truth that he steals something than try to praise your child for his honesty. Give him a small reward for his honesty because it will boost up his self-esteem. Hug and kiss him because of his honesty.

Professional help

As a parent, if you are not able to handle and discourage your child and this issue is becoming serious day by day than you can also take help from any professional. Professionals deal with child to eradicate this bad habit of stealing.


These tips are very useful because these tips help every parent how they can handle and discourage their children when they start stealing. Some parents do not handle their children because they get panic. It is very painful for a parent when he listens that his child start stealing. So don’t get depressed and panic. Talk with your child and follow all the tips to uproot this bad habit of stealing.

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