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What Is A Blog? Updated May 2020

Blogging is the latest trend that everyone seems to be turning towards. Many celebrities and influencers have also joined this bandwagon along with many other people and have started their own blogs. You will find blogs of all sorts of categories so it is not limited to a certain industry or sector; anyone who knows the basics of blogging can easily set up their own blog and attract a specific niche of visitors. But what is a blog anyway and how can someone start their career as a blogger?

The basic definition of a blog

Essentially, a blog refers to a web page that is regularly updated with new content for their audience. The writing style of a blog is mostly informal and conversational to make it more accessible to a larger audience. Thus, blog owners try to make it as easy-flowing as possible. If you can explain something to a 5 years old, you are good to go.

Blogs come in a variety of different types and the outlay of blogs primarily depends on the blog owner. There is no limit to the design or style of a blog so you will find a multitude of layouts when it comes to blogs. There are also already designed templates available for blog owners to use for ease. 

When a blog is posted on a public platform, it can be accessed through a variety of online sources. These include, but are not limited to, getting to a blog page through online keyword searches, linking up blogs to social media profiles, through emails, and newsletters. There are no restrictions on how one can share their blog links and make more people aware of their platform.

History of blogs

The origin of blogs stems from the increase in the use of computers. People naturally would type out information and store it with themselves during the early stages of when the Internet was developed. Moving on, this information was shared amongst others in the community and thus, the concept of blogging initiated from then onwards. 

It wasn’t until later around 1994 when people started writing public diaries. These were details about individuals published on a public platform through the use of the internet. There wasn’t a particular name to this activity at the time but sometime later it came to be known as “weblogs”. There was quite a conundrum about the pronunciation of this term where people were confused about whether it should be called “weblog” or “we-blog”. This term has been ousted since a long time and has been converted into what we now refer to as blogs.

What does a modern-day blog look like?

While earlier on, blogs would generally be about what a person’s daily routine was, the modern-day blog is completely different than what it was before. Nowadays, blogs generally have a specific niche that they target and range over a variety of categories. There are no limitations to what kind of content you can find on blogs these days. 

The structure of a blog has also changed drastically and not everyone uses the same layout for their blogs. But you will find a similar pattern to how blogs are designed generally. This includes a header or navigation bar through which people can easily browse through the blog, the main content of the entire blog that is usually highlighted or show up on the latest blogs section, sidebars that have details about the blog owners, their journey, and what they wish to portray with their blog, and the footer that typically tells you about the privacy policy or any relevant disclaimers for the blog.

There is no exact way to define any particular blog so you will always find different variances and no two blogs will ever look the same. The structure mentioned here covers only the basic elements that usually exist in a blog.

Difference between a blog and a website

There is often confusion when it comes to defining a blog and a website. People generally don’t know how to tell the two apart and almost always speak of a blog as if it is a website. Sometimes a person might just read up on a blog that is a small part of the company’s website and refer to it as the website itself. 

Since blogging is becoming super popular, companies emphasize too much on their blogs making viewers feel like that is their main website but in fact, it is just their blog section. To get rid of this confusion, let’s look at the difference between a website and a blog to make things clearer for you all. 

The main difference between the two is the type of content that is posted on them. When it comes to blogs, these need to be updated regularly to keep the audience coming back for more details about any particular niche. They also encourage discussions amongst viewers and typically blow owners communicate back to the people commenting on their blogs. 

Websites, on the other hand, mainly update relevant news and their blog pages as their need be. There isn’t always open discussion allowed on these forums and the attention is away from blog content and more about the news of the company. Therefore, the updates are different from what you would see in a blog and would generally be more linked to what’s happening in the company.

What are blog posts?

A blog refers to the entry that is made on your blog page. These can be made using a lot of different resources to make it the most attractive for the audience. Blog owners can incorporate the use of text, infographics, illustrations, videos, pictures, and much more to keep things interesting for the visitors. 

Generally, the more visually appealing a blog is, the more views you get because it can attract the right kind of audience and make them go through the content. It is important to create content that would grab the attention of people who you wish to target. Since blogs generally focus on a particular niche, you need to make sure that your blogs posts are equipped with the right elements to attract visitors. 

Can anyone start blogging?

Starting a blog may not be as difficult that you might think. So if you are looking for a way to communicate your ideas or convey a message to a large audience, blogging might be an easy and effective way to do so. Typically, blogging requires you to know very basic details of how to get things running. The process isn’t that difficult and if you’re a creative person, you can easily showcase an exquisite design for your blog and start running it. 

But what can you do to start a blog? Various platforms exist that are primarily made to help people establish their online presence. Whether it is designing a website or a blog, you can have easy and free access to a variety of tools that can help you do that. Platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are the top three choices when it comes to free platforms available for your blog. But this limits your creativity levels and you have to stick to the rules put up by these platforms. You can also opt for self-hosted domains that enable you to create everything from scratch, according to how you want your blog to look like. 

Why has blogging become so popular?

Blogging has become extremely popular over the last few years mostly because it helps blog owners earn while working from remote locations. Not only this, but blogging also enables blog owners to interact with a variety of different people and improve their writing skills over time. Not everyone is cut out to be so open in public but blogging allows people to showcase the side of them that they want everyone to see. It is convenient for a lot of stay home mum wanting to find work at home, professionals hoping to share their knowledge with others, and much more. Like mentioned before, there are no limitations to the type of content that can be put up on blogs and you can focus on anything that you feel like you are good at. 

With the range of social media platforms and the changing attitudes of people, blogs have received a lot of positive feedback overall. Therefore, there is always a buzz around different blogs and people are often looking forward to new content every other day. Cooking, fashion, health, lifestyle, parenting, tech and similar other categories of blogs have caught the attention of many people all around the world and therefore many people can be seen joining the bandwagon and opting for establishing their blogging platforms. 

While starting a blog isn’t difficult, it can take away a lot of your time in trying to maintain it regularly. The audience, however, generally awaits new posts if they start following a particular blog so you need to make sure that your content flows at the right pace. Using the right keywords and focusing on a particular segment is sure to make you utilize your blog space much better and get the attention of the right audience. Let learn how to start a blog here.

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