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Tips to Handle Your Anger at Your Child

Tips to Discipline Kids without Losing Temper

Admit it. At some point in our parenting lives, we have lost our temper beyond control and regretted it later. Not only is this bad for your own mental health but it also adversely affects your children and the home environment. I, for one, didn’t wish it to happen again.

However, it is important to make some changes in your parenting methods if you really are committed to avoiding such scenarios. Children tend to imitate adults, especially their role models and parental figures. If they see their parents losing their cool over every other situation, they too tend to become aggressive. Therefore, it is especially significant to keep your behaviour in check in order to keep your children’s in check too!

Calm Yourself Before React

Take a deep breath…..I don’t think I really want to dive into last summer’s party when I discovered my 3-year-old in a hidden corner. Oh, and did I mention the dish of candy and a seriously unhealthy amount of candy wrappers that were keeping her company? Already flustered from all the preparations and dealing with the guests, I just lost it. I don’t recount it to be particularly effective as it caused quite a commotion with all the three-year-old wailing noises and a sea of concerned friends. Well, looking back, I know I should have dealt with the situation calmly. Calming down before reacting does wonder!

Reality and Expectation

Don’t expect parenting to be all roses and sunshine. Trust me! It’s more like daily doses of crying, fighting and crankiness with little spoonfuls of cuteness in between. Don’t expect your kids to be well behaved at all times. They’re children! They’ll cry over the most trivial of matters, they won’t sleep when they’re supposed to, they’ll want that one toy they really don’t need. Set realistic expectations, so you don’t get bummed out when things don’t go accordingly.


This one works wonders. A little warning, however empty, causes a sense of looming danger; of negative, unfavourable consequences. I love watching my little one’s face distort with worry as I remind her of the consequences. It’s just so adorable! Not only does this do the trick but it also ensures that you don’t have to take the aggressive route.

Rules and Reward

Establish some rules about the household. Yes, just like the infamous swear jar! Make a reward and punishment system that everyone is well aware of. That way, if anyone breaks any rules, they’ll be bringing it upon themselves. This is because they knew about the rules and chose to go about the punishable path anyway. This will also improve your relationship with your children as you won’t be the cause for punishment.

Children are very sensitive to emotions, especially negative ones. It is important that you abstain from losing your temper in front of them as it affects their mental well-being as well. What’s more, it somehow has the opposite of the intended effect. Following these four simple rules will considerably improve your mood and that of your kids whilst ensuring that they’re well-behaved and disciplined.

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