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Things You Should Never Say to Your Kid

6 Negative and Positive Common Phrases To Kids

Certain everyday phrases can really have the contrary to the intended effect. Not only can these everyday sentences be amended to more effective versions, but they can also be improved to have a much more positive effect. Saying these words in a different manner can make it really easy to motivate your children to do the right thing. Following are six examples of these everyday phrases that are somewhat negative:

“Stop Being So Loud” vs “Please Speak Softly”

“Stop being so loud” conveys a scolding sense of pushing your child down. Not only will he/she feel angry at being snubbed or told like that, but he/she will also react in an irritated and angry manner. Encouraging them through positive and kind words instead of words like “no” or “stop” can really improve things. 

“Why Are You Crying?” vs “Do You Want To Talk About It?”

“Stop being a crybaby”, “This is nothing to be crying about” and “Why are you crying?”. These sentences only make it worse for that child as it shows that you are not at the same level as him/her. Give your child an opportunity to communicate his / her feelings and share what’s bothering him/her. You can then encouragingly sort out the issues with your child in a light-hearted manner. This is much better than mocking your child for something as natural as crying.

“No” vs “Yes”

A “yes” sounds much more convincing, promising and encouraging than a “no”. Take the “yes” route when it comes to dealing with common situations such as going out to play, using electronic gadgets, eating ice-cream etc.

“You Need To Stop Doing That!” vs “Would You Like To Do Something Else Now?”

Kids are not letting go of their toys even though it’s way past bedtime? Having trouble getting them ready for a family dinner? Instead of going for the negative, reprimanding approach, offer them better alternatives in a positive way.

“Look At Your Sister Keeps Her Toys After Playtime” vs “I’ll be So Happy If You Can Keep Your Toys After Playtime”

When it comes to parenting, the comparison is a big no! Whether it’s comparing your children to another sibling, to a friend, a neighbour, a class-fellow, or a cousin, don’t do it. Not only does this cultivate unhealthy jealousy but it also minimises your child’s self-worth.

“We’ll Be Late” vs “Let’s See Who Get Ready Faster”

Turn hectic situations into fun games! Getting late for school? Make it a race for who dresses up the fastest. This will make your kids get the job done in no time, and that too in a friendly, playful way. This is a much better alternative to whining and angry crying if you ask me!

Changing the wording up a bit can really transform the whole mood into a positive, playful and motivational one. When it comes to parenting, you must be really careful of what you say and how you say it. Because children note the simplest of actions and words and act accordingly. Be good, get good!

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