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Things To Do Before Starting A Blog

As easy as you may think blogging is there are multiple things one has to consider before starting a blog, just to avoid beginners’ level mistake it is easier if you do all the required homework and know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Here we will discuss a step by step guide and checklist to make sure you are aware about all the essentials of blogging.

Blogging Is Not As Easy As It May Seem

You will be fooling yourself if you think that starting a blog is easier, hassle free and just a piece of cake you are ready to devour. There are lot technicalities which we often ignore. One has to put in a considerable amount of time, effort and energy into writing the blog, you will have to rewrite the first draft, edit it in various ways, select pictures and images to go with the content and once your content is all set and ready to be uploaded, you have to manage ways to promote the content and your blog. Your blog will take time, people will take time to give you the recognition you may not have a huge audience s soon as you start the log, it may take a while for you to develop potential readers for your blog.

Select Your Target Audience

The amount of blogs are increasing by every passing day, it is not easy to stand out among so much of competition. The possible way to create your own identity is by choosing the type of niche you will cater, stick to your target market and completely focus on creating content focusing on them. While selecting the type of target audience do not only focuses on the type of content they want, but rather focus on what you can best deliver and shape your niche according to your taste. You have to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what you want your blog to be about only if you are well aware on the content of your blog you will be able to produce quality work, catering and indulging large amount of viewers and readers.

Having To Start Small Is Not A Problem

There is no problem in starting small, if you are new in the blogging world, indeed you have no other option but to start small. A few months into blogging and you might realize that this is not your cup of tea; you may not have successful outcomes and results. We suggest you to start of your blogging over a free website, do not over do yourself right from the start; build on it slowly. Once you decide to start from a free website, it is possible for you to learn the whole process more smoothly; another thing if it doesn’t suit you quitting it won’t make you lose a lot of money. For starters starting free is the best idea, you get the exposure, you explore the niche, you explore your capabilities, you challenge yourself, and you try doing better than your last blog.

Give Them The Best Content

Well it is true that nobody can ever beat you if you produce and deliver just the right content, your audience may not come to you because they like the theme of your blog or because you have an extremely catchy bloggers name, but they will surely come to you if they are getting just the content they want. Quality content can beat everything and anything you have to stay true to what you write, love it, and own it.

Go Social

Being a blogger requires you to be extremely social, you have to socialize, communicate with other bloggers, and you will make exciting new friends holding interests in different things. You will become a part of a whole new community where people will learn, grow and support each other together. You can like share, and market other people’s work as well. Appreciation is the key; you can also join various bloggers platform and become an active part of the blogging community.

Active Learning

Throughout the whole process, you will learn a lot of new tings. Including how to polish process and communicate your thoughts in the best possible way, you will learn how search engine optimization works, how can it benefit you, how can you stay focused more on your niche, you will learn how to market yourself. Blogging is an active learning platform you tend to lean so much more even on your own interests.

Stay True To Yourself

In order to achieve the se goal, do not lose yourself in the process, you should love what you do, you should stay true to what you write, because in a way you are affecting the thinking process of many, so make sure you are putting the right, true and legit content out there for people.

What Should You Do Before You Start A Blog?

1. Determine The Goals For Your Blog

The first thing while you contemplate about making your own blog is to identify the main focus of your blog, are you making the blog just for expressing your own personal opinions, your thoughts and communicating though your words, are you trying to promote a business through your blog,, creating know how of your product or service, developing a potential market for it. You need to be clear about the goals which you want to achieve through your blogs. It is essential for you to identify the goals it leads you to be more specific about your content and how much you may earn through this platform.

2. Determine The Content Of your Blog

The content decides the niche of your blog target audience. The goals you have set gives you a clear idea of what you want your blog to be abut, the next step talks about who will be your potential target readers, who will be the people reading, sharing and learning through your blog content. Once you have identified what your focus audience is you need to decide n what satisfies their needs, what content best suits your and your readers’ mutual interests you need to keep the spark burning and through it you achieve your target audience. If you are interested in earning a substantial amount through your blogs you have t focus o adding as many keywords as yum may in your blog to ensure that it is search engine optimized and when a potential researcher types something similar to what you have in your blog on the search engine, your blog pops up open.

3. Study Your Competitors

Having a thorough research done on your competitors you will gain a better insight on what basis you need to compete on whether your blog has what it takes to be on the top, how can you make it better from what the competitors are offering. Studying your competition will aid and benefit you in multiple ways you can identify the keywords you need to focus on and add into your log, you need to have a thorough understanding of each of your competitors, to deliver, offer more to your readers.

4. Select A Blogging Platform For Your Blog

You can find various platforms through which you can start your own blog, you need to identify which platform will benefit you the most, offer you more specifications, safety and reliability for your content which you will put out. You can go for platforms that offer you free blogs but with low security if you are just a beginner, you might want to pay for your blog and get a proper platform with themes and looks that will catch your more readers and viewers. If not any platform you can even focus on making your blog through your very own server. You need to have a competitive analysis of all the possible options you may have, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of any choice you may make in this regard. Compare and contrast the features each platform may offer you, the cost, the efficiency and effectiveness of each. Being passionate about what your blog will be on drives you more readers and a lot of traffic your way, you need to make sure the speed of your website is accurate, the performance is top notch. Basically it requires a lot of researching before deciding on one platform.

5. Determine The Theme Of Your Blog

The theme of your blog is the overall design. While selecting a theme you should make sure that it is matching with the goals of your blog, the content of the blog and more. You cannot go for a theme which is appealing to your eye and ignore the fact that it in no way supports the content you offer. If you are talking about your own business in your blog, make sure the theme is not too fancy and against your business morals or your business idea, if you are making personal blog, you can go for more light and engaging themes. It all depends on the variations of content. Focus on your content, your offering and then select a theme.

6. How Much Will You Post On Your Blog

Along with the content, the niche the offerings, you also need to decide that how often will you be posting content on your blog, in order to keep your viewers and visitors engage you cannot have a passive blog page and expect high turnovers, you need engage your viewers in your content, posting too often may result in you drifting away from your goals and the type of content, or you may lose focus on your niche, posting too rarely may have other effects including you losing your viewers to your competitors. When you study your competitors you can see how often do they post, how is the result what will be the ideal number of posts for you in a month or in a week. Always remember, refer quality content over the quantity. You may decide not to post a lot of times, but if you deliver the right quality content your log will give you a considerably huge outreach. Instead of focusing on the quantity you can also work on making the quality better which itself will attract more visitors.

7. Promoting Your Blog

Determining the promotion activities of your blog is important to gain more traffic towards your blog. There are a number of ways through which you can promote your blogs, you can become an active part of the blogging community and be known for you work, you can promote other blogger through your blogs resulting in them doing the same, and this will give you an increase in the niche and your target viewers. You need to develop ways, through which you will divert the traffic towards your blog. You may decide to use social media for promoting your blogs, you may go for advertising your links on different pages, and there are a good many ways through which you can improve your promotion activities.

8. Keep A Track Of Your Success

You can use any analytics platform to know how well are you performing in the blogging world, you can get a detailed analysis on each and every activity f your blog, once you track the success rate, it will also help you identify the way through which you can make the blog more better. A critical insight of your activities will only help you perform better.

By the end of the day, you may think that becoming a blogger I comparatively easier, but do not fight only to exist, one should learn how to fight to become the best. This will drive your passion for blogging to no limits, you will see success and you will never be satisfied until you give in your best shot with content you offer on your blog. Starting on this journey requires effort, persistence, and perseverance.

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