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Smartphone ruining your family time?

No doubt smartphone has integrated into our daily life. You need that to do almost everything. However, the way you use your smartphone around your family can affect your relationships.

Certainly, smartphone can make you feel more connected, e.g. browsing on Facebook or Instagram. But also can distract you and your family from connecting, e.g. no longer required face-to-face communication. Some real example here, husband and wife sleeping on the same bed but communicate with their smartphone, parents and kids in the same house but communicate with their smartphone. Does this happened to you?

These days, smartphone has already replace alot of thing…

  • Smartphone has already replaced your clock, your arlam
  • Smartphone has already replaced your camera
  • Smartphone has already replaced your calender
  • Smartphone has already replaced your television
  • Smartphone has already replaced your music player
  • Smartphone has already replaced your happiness
  • Smartphone has already replaced your …..

Need we say more? Do you want your smartphone to replace your family members? Think about that, how often you laugh just by watching at your smartphone than your laugh with your family. Is that really the life you want? Imagine that we can marry with our smartphone in the future. What will happen to our world? A rehab for addiction of smartphone?

We are not saying that you shouldn’t use your smartphone at all as people need to check their phones for work or emergency purposes. However, it’s important to prioritise and engage more face-to-face communication. How? Let’s start by putting away phones during family gathering or dinners. Engage more just like the past. Doing so can benefit you, your partner, your kids and most importantly your relationships.

Using smartphone during family time can increase distress and strain on a family. Parents talk to their kids less, overreact to being interrupted and response more slowly. Ask your kids their opinions on your own smartphone use. You might be surprised by their response.

Some people have trouble putting away their smartphone. They feel the need to constantly check it without a real reason. They feel upset if their phone is not around. However, quality time together strengthens family resilience. You should take this opportunity to cut back your usage of smartphone.

Lastly, as the parents, we want the best for our kids. But we are also the only role-model of our kids. Less smartphone usage around your kids usually means less screen time. Less screen time allows kids to get outdoor and be more physically active. When kids spend more time actively engaged with their parents, they tend to be more successful in the future.

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