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Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week 1-40

There is nothing sweeter than this, when you have come to know that you’re going to be a mother. Isn’t it? Physicians normally count pregnancy on a particular calendar that lasts around 40 weeks and initiating on day one of the cycle in which you became pregnant. So according to that criterion, your first official day of pregnancy is the first day of your last menstrual cycle — before becoming pregnant.

Here in this writing, pregnancy symptoms would be depicted from week 1 up to week 40 sequentially. 


In most of the cases the first sign of pregnancy is obviously a missed period. Most pregnancy tests will become positive by the time you’ve missed your period. Certainly in this time, you’ll produce more of the hormone progesterone named human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which prevents you from having a period. This increasing number is mainly responsible to prove that you’re pregnant! In this early pregnancy time, symptoms may include like feeling the tiredness, frequent mood changes, feeling bloated, peeing more than usual, nausea, and tender or swollen breasts. But as it’s only the first week you won’t feel all of these at once, may be only one or two.


In this week, the indicators you’ll notice in body may be the continuity of missing period along with moodiness, tendering and swollen breasts, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, increased urination and temperature and so on. Ovulation occurs during week two. Your ovary will release a mature egg that would travel into the fallopian tube, where it awaits fertilization with sperm. So still you’re not fully pregnant!


In this week, you are expected to have the identical symptoms like week-2. In this week the fertilized egg implants into the uterine lining. So some of you may be experiencing mild abdominal cramping or light bleeding which is called implantation bleeding. If this bleeding increase or having massive pain, you should call a midwife or a doctor.


This week is the most expected week of this wonderful journey, as you may be confirmed with a positive urine test. Congratulations! Now you can say that you’re pregnant. You will be continued with missing period along with breast tenderness making your bra feel extra uncomfortable at this time. Some of you may get a high sense of smell or taste, food cravings, nausea, fatigue, constipation, bloating, and mood changes as well.


Pregnancy signs are always unique and can’t be forecasted as they can be changed any time. Even the indicators may be changed in your second pregnancy compared to first one too. As hormone progesterone named human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is high so you may expect morning sickness, frequent urination, and acute sense of smell along with abdominal cramps, vaginal bleeding, fatigue, breast changes, food cravings, constipation, increased vaginal discharge, frequent mood changes etc in week 5.


In this week of pregnancy, the symptoms become more prominent and challenging as you’re going to face morning sickness, frequent urination, fatigue, swollen or sore breasts, larger and darker areolas around the nipples, feeling more emotional or irritable, bloating and gas problem. Specially morning sickness is becoming nightmare for some women in this week.


You may expect the similar symptoms like the previous week in your pregnant life like getting nausea, vomiting, frequent urination, darkening of the areolas, constant fatigue, tender and swollen breasts, food aversions and cravings, mild pelvic cramping, occasional spotting. In this week frequent urination may make your life more engaging as you have to go to toilet more frequently. This happens because of the increasing number of pregnancy hormone HCG, which makes your growing uterus compressing the bladder, and then kidneys have to work harder to eliminate waste.


This week will present you the similar symptoms that you’re having since last few weeks, but they would be appearing in full swing: nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination, mood swings, bloating, etc. Apart from that another unexpected sign is excessive saliva in your mouth which can be lasting until the end of your first trimester.  During this period, you may also start to notice teeth problems. Hormones can make your gums bleed more easily and you may also develop lumps on the gums. Besides vomiting a lot or eating sweet foods can also affect your teeth badly.

Week- 9:

Apart from having the similar signs that you are getting in earlier weeks, in this week you may face bloating and gas problem in full throttle along with constipation. In week 9, your uterus is slowly expanding to accommodate your child’s rapid development. Your breasts may also feel full and tendering.


In this week, you are going to gain a little bit weight as your little one is growing inside. Apart from it, you may notice dizziness, round ligament pain, visible veins in your body due to increased blood supply along with the most common symptoms like nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, frequent urination, mood changing, bloating, gas problem etc.


You’re almost in the ending of your first trimester. During this week or the next, you’ll probably notice that morning sickness has been reducing, which will provide you a better relief, although in some cases morning sickness lasts till 14 weeks. Another important noticeable feature is getting cramping on your leg or feet.


This week comes up with better reliefs for most of the pregnant women as morning sickness has become less apparent and uterus has been shifted, resulting less pressure on your bladder. Along with these you may have observe a dark line on your belly button down as well as dark patches on your face or neck. All of these occur due to hormonal changes in your body.


Congratulations. You’re now entering to the most comfortable part of pregnancy period, second trimester. In this week, breast tenderness may continue, and other issues like constipation, vaginal discharge, gas problem, bloating, and heartburn are becoming adjustable and normal at this stage too, as your increased hormone levels can slow down digestion.


During this week, the good time will continue as all the symptoms would become ease providing more comfortability, regaining power gradually- which you’ll enjoy as a pregnant lady. Besides that, you’ll also gain more weight.


The honeymoon period of pregnancy continues. Although there remains some symptoms like heartburn and indigestion, dizziness, occasional headaches, round ligament pain- but they can’t impact too much on you as your body is gaining more weight and energy along with more coping abilities.


In this week you’ll find that you’re having brighter skin due to increased blood flow along with tendering breasts, constipation, heartburn, nosebleeds, congestion, continued weight gain, possible hemorrhoids, and trouble concentrating but with a little impact on your body.


In this week apart from having all the common signs like heartburn, constipation and son on, you’ll be able to notice leg cramp, lower back pain due to expanding uterus.

Week -18:

From this week onwards, you’ll be gaining weight significantly until delivery. Your belly is full enough to understand you’re pregnant and your breasts are becoming full gradually to be ready for breastfeeding your little one.


Along with other symptoms, heartburn is becoming more evident in this time. So to handle this situation, doctors advise to take small meals frequently and avoid gas generating foods.


Apart from facing constipation, congestions and nose bleeding, lower back pain and so on, you’ll also find an interesting thing, and that is, you’re forgetting important things. Don’t panic. This is quite normal in this time period.


You may face acne or oily skin because hormones are overproducing oils. Apart from it also can get varicose veins in your leg or rectum.  Also urine infections would occur with the passage of time in these days 


Do you know, you are becoming more beautiful in this time? Most of the cases Pregnancy is the reason behind thick and shiny hair and fast-growing nails as your body is stocking up on extra nutrients. At the same time, you may also get dry or irritated skin on your stomach as it’s constantly stretching and expanding. 


During this time, you’ll probably get leg cramping, backaches, increased discharge, constipation, headaches, stretch marks, and other second trimester pregnancy symptoms continuously.


During week 24, your symptoms may include stretch marks, itchy skin, dry or itchy eyes, slight breast colostrum production, occasional Braxton-Hicks contractions, backaches, constipation and so on.


In this week you’ll notice similar lighter second trimester symptoms. Your growing uterus is also pushing more pressure on your stomach and other organs at this time, which can lead to issues with digestion and even constipation.


As you are approaching towards the third trimester, so you’ll notice sleeplessness. This may happen due to anxiety, leg cramping or urine problems. You might also face itchiness on your feet and hand, which creates a discomfort zone for you.


It’s now the end of your second trimester. As your baby has grown up big enough now for you to experience some significant physical changes related to their size. Common symptoms will be waiting for you in the third trimester that may have begin during this week including mental and physical exhaustion, shortness of breath, back aches, heartburn, swelling of the ankles, fingers, or face, trouble sleeping etc.


Now you’ve entered to the last trimester of your pregnancy stage. From this week you’ll face physical tiredness which will lead you to uncomfortable zone again very much alike to first trimester. So the signs like constipation and gas, backaches and leg cramps, insomnia, breast growth and leakage, continued weight gain, shortness of breath, heartburn, and swelling in limbs, varicose veins, frequent urination, and heavy vaginal discharge are becoming more common now.


If you’re feeling that you are becoming tired and exhausted with regular activities easily. No worries. Your body is now working hard to make a nice place for your baby. So this is quite normal in this situation. Apart from fatigue during this time, you’ll also face symptoms like shortness of breath, constipation and gas, passing hard stools, abdominal pain, and frequent urination.


By week 30 of your pregnancy, you may experience the symptoms like fatigue or trouble sleeping, back pain, changes in the size or structure of your feet along with frequent mood changes.


Now you’re going through sleepless nights, the tiredness, hand pain, discomfort for baby movements and itchy skin and so on during this time period. In this time, doctors suggest to sleep a nap whenever possible along with eating a good amount of various foods and doing some light exercises will make you more energetic, which you need badly in this time.


Along with the common symptoms like fatigue, heart burn, breast leakage etc, there is another symptom named Braxton Hicks contractions is becoming apparent in pregnant body. Braxton-Hicks contractions will be infrequent, and while they may come suddenly also they’re generally gone almost as soon as they start. The duration typically last between 30 seconds and two minutes.


You’ll notice all the common third trimester symptoms in your case like back pain, swelling of the ankles and feet, difficulty in sleeping, heartburn, shortness of breath, Braxton-Hicks contractions etc.


Now you are getting additional strain. Isn’t it? It’s normal to get this strain as you are approaching towards your motherhood soon. You’ll notice backaches, constipation, breast leakage, hemorrhoids, blurry vision, fatigue, headaches, swelling, or heartburn. You’ll also  feel and count baby kicking around inside your stomach in a frequent manner.


Along with the common third trimester signs, your shortness of breathing problem should improve after your baby moves further down into your pelvis, a process which is called lightening. Though lightening helps to relieve this symptom, it may also lead to increased frequency of urination as your baby adds increased pressure on your bladder. Apart from it, sleep problems are more frequent this week. You should try to sleep on your left side. A pregnancy pillow may also help you in this regard,


You’re gaining weight significantly and getting the common symptoms now. Lightening continues to help you to breathe much better way and frequent urination is also continuing in this week.


In this week, you may face pelvic pain or pressure, abdominal pressure due to your little one’s new position.  When you’re 37 weeks pregnant, your cervix may be beginning to dilate. When this incident starts to happen, you may lose the seal that protects your uterus from infection throughout your pregnancy. This seal is known as the ‘mucus plug’. So in this week if you notice some extra vaginal discharge that is clear, pinkish, or slightly bloody, this may be the mucus plug. So observing this mucus discharge is an indication that labor is starting or is not far away. However, you have to keep in mind that you can lose the mucus plug in hours, days, or even weeks before labor begins.


It’s the 38th week, and still you are gaining weight. Your ever-growing belly indicates now you’re fully ready to give birth to the most precious gift of your life. The symptoms are all similar like the previous weeks one.


In this week you are ready for the time. If your water breaks, you’ll notice wetness down your leg. Other early signs of labor may include regular contractions, pelvic pressure, dull back pain, and a feeling of restlessness. Early labor tends to last for about hours; many doctors recommend to make an early reservation to the hospital because as contractions may occur in any time.


Now, the waiting is to be over and very soon in this week you’ll expect your little one in your hand. Before giving birth the symptoms you may face are snoring, losing the mucus plug, contractions and water breaking.

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