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Postpartum Confinement (Chinese Tradition)

What Is Postpartum Confinement?

Postpartum confinement is often called more of a traditional practice which has been in existence since as long as one may remember. The confinement starts right after one has given birth. This is typically a Chinese tradition where the month right after conceiving a child is considered to be extremely crucial and important for the health and growth of both, the mother as well as the child, therefore, sitting the month, having complete rest is considered to be a casual practice. During this month the mother gets to have all the essential attention, pampering which she may need to recover from the childbirth. One tends to have attention 24/7, eating the right nutritious food in order to stay healthy and fit.

The first month after childbirth is considered to be highly important in developing the strength for the mother so she may make sure efficient and supportive growth of her child.

What Are The Do’s And Don’ts During Postpartum Confinement?

Warm Cooked And Bland Meals

There is a huge variety of confinement meals, which has been chosen by the bests, to nourish the re-growth of the mother, in modern days, the confinement meals are prepared by the nanny which hired during this period to help the mother with the child. The childbirth is said to deplete a lot of blood from woman’s body during the process. It is highly important for her to eat food, which will provoke the efficient working of all her blood cells to ensure that her body makes up for the lost blood and functions effectively. Since cold and under-cooked raw food tends to carry a lot of bacteria it is best prescribed to avoid eating such meals. Eating well cooked warm and tender food is easily digested and serves the purpose it is meant to. The nanny you may hire figures out a whole menu of meals with the most benefitting nutrients to benefit you in the best possible way during this time.

Stay Away From Cold

It is also prescribed to stay indoors as much as possible; the tradition talks about women staying indoors for as long as forty days to prevent from catching any diseases. But in these days it is suggested to not typically trap yourself indoors you can go out for a stroll, but the main idea behind this that wind is considered to be pathogenic element which causes the woman to immediately catch disease. To prevent these it is suggested to stay indoors and to stay in warm temperature, you can avoid staying in the air conditioner for instance if you plan to go out for even a troll wearing the right kind of clothing is important, one should try cover themselves in order to catch cold. When one is avoiding air conditioner, going out in cold, trying to stay warm helps preventing you from diseases like arthritis, body pain or even headaches in the later age.

Stay Indoors

It is highly recommended for new mother, who has just given birth to stay indoors, the body after giving birth is considered to be weak, and therefore it is more susceptible to catching germs and diseases which are in the air outside. The body after giving birth is weak and is usually not able to fight the germs, it is suggested for new mothers to stay indoors in order to avoid catching any disease it is beneficial not only for her but also the child who is on breast feeding, it is important for the mother to have a good health to ensure a healthy growth of her baby.

Don’t Bath Using Cold Water

The strict traditions and myths which have stemmed from the traditional and old style of postpartum confinement does not allow the mother to bath, however, this is not true, hygiene is important for not only the mother but the child as well, but taking a shower from cold water is strictly prohibited. The likelihood of catching a cold, can lead to many other diseases when your body is so susceptible and at high risk of catching diseases. Ginger and neem leaves can be used during your shower you can put them in your warm (boiled) water bath tub and enjoy a peaceful bath.

No Heavy Workouts

You may feel the need to get rid of all the postpartum belly fat, but now s not the right time, during the confinement you need to focus on building a healthy body which I not susceptible to catch diseases, performing heavy workouts can lead you into many muscular pains, body aches or even bleeding. You can keep all the workouts for later once you have fully recovered from the childbirth till then you need to focus on building a strong you internally.

The Sex Can Wait

Right after childbirth and during the time of confinement you face postpartum bleeding, not only this but your muscles specially the one’s down there are not fully recovered, you definitely need to take a break, you can have all the sex you want after your postpartum checkup and once your doctor have suggested it to be fine. With all the hormones doing their work, you may think sex is the best idea, trust us it is not. During the typical Chinese traditional of post partum confinement having sex is strictly not allowed.

Body Massages

Massages become your best friend during the time of your confinement, it helps your body to get back in shape, it may help you to lose weight along with that, it releases your muscular tensions and relaxes you for good. There are various techniques for body massages, it is not only good for your external body but it helps your internal growth as well. Traditional people hire masseuses specifically for this purpose, the use pencil oils which are bound to make you feel better, relaxed and good. There are traditions of tying up the belly with special belt to cater the belly fat as well as all the impure blood stuck in your belly is released. There are techniques which often use stones, hot stones, which are laid on the belly to discrete the impurities from the body and ensure its effective functioning.

Rest, Rest And Rest

New mummies are pampered under this traditional confinement where they are only allowed to rest as much as possible. They are not allowed to do any household chores. It said that low mental stimulation aids healing therefore, after childbirth a woman is requested to rest as much as possible, you can avoid watching movies or reading books, basically anything that puts mental pressure on you. All you are required to do during this period of confinement is to sleep enough, eat well, and rest as much as possible. You not only need to relax physically but mentally and emotionally as well. You definitely need to take a break and get better.

Don’t Have A Lot Of People Over

This an ideal suggestion, as we have discussed that it is said that after childbirth a woman is not supposed to excessively go out and has to stay indoors as much as possible, similarly it is suggested to not have alt of people around you, you should not have visitors coming over every now and then as there is a likelihood of them transmitting a disease to you not only this but during this time you have to let yourself relax mentally, emotionally and physically, having people over every now and then can hinder this. It can make you cautious and uncomfortable as well.

The Right Exercises

You may be surprised to know this but there are a few exercises which a new mum can defiantly do, some are often prescribed by the doctor, but you will have to do through research before trying any exercises since heavy workout is not ideal at this stage when you are just trying to recover from childbirth but completely stopping any physical exercise is also not recommended thing therefore, select your own exercise, discuss it with your doctor and then you can work on it. Pelvic floor exercise is recomended after giving birth.

Drink Lots Of Water

It helps you dispose of all the toxins from your body; it highly supports you in breast feeding. There are so many more reasons why this is in this list. It is highly important to drink water during such a crucial recovering stage.


It is highly important to maintain your hygiene once you are going through this period. The body is likely to catch diseases therefore, you should not only keep yourself clean but make sure your room or house is clean as well. The bed sheets should e changed regularly to avoid the spread of any germs from there to your body, use clean towels while you shower or when you are cleansing your hair or body. Do not share you important items with anyone. Have your own hair brush, body towel etc.

The confinement period help you heal from the childbirth so once you are ready to step out, you are stronger than ever, makes you capable of taking care of not only yourself but your child as well.

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