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New Generation of Parenting

Does this sound familiar:

“ Becky, we are going to take the kids over to Josh’s house, is there anything we need to bring?”

“Well, let’s see, Ruckus drinks only organic fat-free milk and also make sure that we bring the organic, vegan and gluten-free crackers that he .”

“ So no… Capri Suns or Oreos?”

It’s quite apparent that kids are being raised differently nowadays compared to how we were raised and our parents before us. Whether you consider yourself a Generation Y’er, X’er, or a millennial every generation develops its parental style. From the latchkey kids from the ’80s to the overprotective parents of the ’90s and 2000s styles change., and now with the millennial generation starting families, it’s even more different. Even though I sound more and more like my father every day.

Plenty of Advice

Twenty years ago, if your child got sick what would you do? You would call either mom or pediatrician to determine what may be wrong. Today you can use your phone not only to look up the symptoms and the millions of things that could be wrong with you, but you can also video chat a doctor who can give you a diagnosis quickly. Between the internet and social media, there is no end to the amount of advice that is available to you. Millennials have a wide range of information at their fingertips, its a wonder why they would even leave their house.

Starting Families Later

Millennials are not only waiting longer to start families, but the family structure has also drastically changed. The average millennial mother is having their first child at 28 due to so many women entering the workforce and marrying at a later age VeryWell Family. Hopefully, they are smart and start a nest egg, (yeah right)!! As mentioned before the family structure has changed with more and more children being raised by single and LGBTQ parents than ever before. Unheard of years ago, this dynamic is becoming much more acceptable.

Interesting Name Choices

Let us not forget the names…oh the names. Prior generations would name their child Betty, Charlie, or Billy. Today children are given names like Apple, North, or Sadman. Yes someone named their child Sadman. Nothing promotes confidence when you have a name that makes you stick out from the crowd compared to a name where you blend in.

More Family Time

Family time is even more important too. Which is quite odd considering both parents are usually working outside the home. Fathers are spending up to 59 minutes a day with their children compared to just 16 minutes back in the 60’s VeryWell Family. From Mommy and Me classes to coaching the Little League baseball team, parents are involved in so many daily activities with their kids that it is mind boggling. Even though less time is spent around the dinner table, they are finding ways to make it work.

Use of Social Media

You thought I would forget the major reason for living today….Social Media. With so many platforms to share stories and pictures, there is no reason why Grandma has not received a photo in over a year. With just a push of a button or click of the camera in “selfie mode,” you have instant access to a network of friends and family. But is that a good thing?

But one thing is the same across all generations. The love and care of our children is constant and that love is what will help them grow into adults. They will eventually become parents who will create their own parental styles as well.

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