Meditation And Subconsciousness

Meditation And Subconsciousness

Our mind is one huge part of our body that governs our skills, memory, habits, and emotions, etc. it is made up of three components, and these components, though they have their role, have to be in sync else we’d end up in a state of restlessness and anxiety.

To have a well-rounded and successful life, this trio: your consciousness, emotions, and subconsciousness all have to work together in harmony. 

Let’s delve deeper into understanding these three dimensions of our mind:

The Conscious Part (i.e.the thinking part of the mind): This is the most advanced section of the brain; it is the knowledge and experience centre of our mind, and it hosts our thoughts and identity.

The conscious part of our mind enables us to remember details, make plans, gain more knowledge and create beautiful things. Irrespective of the fantastic things it does, research has it that we use a tiny bit of this part every day; most of what we use are the emotional part and the subconscious.

The Emotive Part is mainly responsible for releasing ‘mood’ chemicals based on the signals it receives. Once these chemicals are released, we begin to feel pain, happiness, anger, grief, among others.

This part is an essential component that makes up who we are because it also stores long-term memories of how we felt through whatever motions we might have experienced.

The Sub consciousness: This part is also known as the cerebellum, and it controls our habits, personality, habits, and all other typical behaviour essential to life. It is practically what our mind relies on almost 95% of the time. They are so essential to life that they can cause feelings of helplessness and loss of control if left unchecked for too long.

Whenever you feel lost, unmotivated, or run over by anxiety or a train of negative thoughts, this is essentially traced to our subconscious lack of alignment with our conscious mind. However, meditation is a powerful tool that can ensure these components are aligned and function in sync with each other, so you’d stabilize your emotions and integrate your conscious mind and access to your subconscious mind to unlock its power.

The Effect of Meditation on Our Subconscious

Our subconsciousness is just one but a considerable part of the three in the inner workings of our minds. It is primarily what conducts autopilot thinking; unlike our conscious minds, which get switched off when we sleep or daydream such that we become less aware of our surroundings, the subconscious never rests. Instead, it takes over when the conscious is at rest by becoming active; it maintains your bodily functions, such as your breathing and everything else required to keep you alive.

During the day, the subconscious is responsible for guiding every one of our reactions that seems impulsive or sudden, so when you act on impulse, you should know that’s the subconscious at work.

Asides from that, it also tends to constantly register all the subtle sensory information from your day-to-day experiences within the brain. Information such as what we perceive, feel, hear, etc.; so when you yell at a colleague for something that shouldn’t warrant such reaction, your subconsciousness is at work. It releases a subdued reaction or repressed anger caused by a past event in which you didn’t react at first.

When you exhibit impulsive and hurtful behaviour, such as lashing out more often than not, there is pressure on your subconscious mind. If it isn’t looked into, it can affect our overall life, relationships, and performance.

Sub consciousness also affects our dreams. Yes, it does! For instance, when you see a horror movie, your dreams instantly become a manifestation of accumulated subconscious thoughts from the movies, making youwake up later that night screaming.

Whatever thoughts or ideas that go through your subconscious are inspired by what you feed your mind: the books you read, the movies you watch, and the people you meet.

Our subconscious is the storehouse of memories, experiences, and values within the mind, and it plays a crucial role in shaping character, personality and behaviour.

Therefore, we need to consciously make an effort towards alleviating the mental pressure on the subconscious part of the brain. Now that’s where meditation comes in. What meditation does is unlock our sub consciousness’s power and attain our true potential.

When we engage in meditation consistently, we understand our mind’s landscape, and our subconsciousness gets reprogrammed to wipe off any negative affirmations or past trauma. Therefore, as we become filled with positivity and clarity, we can then navigate life profoundly and find our true purpose.

How does meditation do this? 

Through awareness and reprogramming

One of the significant changes meditations bring to our subconscious is awareness. Becoming more aware of your subconscious activity will aid in alleviating these pressures. Once we are self-aware, we become free of any preconceived notions, impositions, or identities that can limit us in any way. Self-awareness is not an easy thing, neither can it be gotten in a day, but once obtained, it allows our mind to become healthier from afflicting thoughts, negative emotions, and traumas.  

Over the years, several people have practised meditation techniques to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Once practised, meditation helps you connect with your subconscious mind and its virtually unlimited capacity. When connected with your subconscious, you become every one of your thoughts and ideas, and as such, you then begin to reprogram everything it has stored that has the power to limit you in any way. Reprograming here implies restructuring your own subconscious mind’s thought patterns using visualization and positive affirmations. By doing this, your subconscious can begin to implement new positive patterns subsequently. 

Obtaining self-awareness is a journey; it is a tranquillity state where your channels of intuition become open to new possibilities of understanding yourself on a deeper level, while reprogramming is a step to a mind transformation of experiences time made us behave the way we do. No doubt it’s a lot of work trying to replace old patterns and break old habits; It takes perseverance to achieve significant results; however, you’ll end up realizing it’s worth the effort.

The highlight of accessing the subconscious mind is a state of profound relaxation. Therefore, in the first few weeks of practising meditation consistently, you’d experience a whole new kind of calmness that will saturate your mind. Your conscious mind is not left out in this newfound experience; it will begin to integrate itself, and this would become evident as there would be a gradual decline of disturbing thoughts.

As weeks roll by, your subconsciousness will be activated, and thus, you’d begin to observe a recollection of random events from your past that have been long-forgotten or tucked away into your subconscious. At this point, you do not dive too deep into them to observe them as they come. You are more likely to experience nightmares at this stage, a response activated by the subconscious mind to protect us from traumatic incidents.

As you consistently put in the efforts to relax, you’ll get into a relaxed but hyper-alert state of consciousness that allows you to influence your subconscious mind. You’d begin to let go of those negative thoughts by transforming your way of thinking, the way you act and react towards a situation. Once you go past this and create new thought patterns, you’d make headway towards experiencing enhanced creativity, gain self-confidence, a sharpened sense, and deep satisfaction with your life like never before.

Your entire outlook on life would be altered for better wholesome living as you continuously experience true bliss on earth. This doesn’t imply their living circumstances would change, but you’d get an extensive insight into life as your memory gets improved, your focus becomes heightened, your imagination and patience get increased, and your intuition gets awakened, making it easy for you to grow and heal.

Such an experience will enable you to live a meaningful life as you become able to resolve repeated conflicts, harmonize your existing relationships, gain emotional balance, thus, attract loving relationships to you.

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