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Importance Of Early Childhood Development

A child’s development, physical, emotional as well as psychological. Particularly in the early ages from birth up to 5 years of age; is extremely significant and a major determinant of his/her future years. It is therefore very important that parents pay attention to their child’s diet, growth and sufficiently contribute to the enhancement of his/her cognitive, social as well as motor skills and abilities from an early stage.

What Does Child Development Encompass?

The main areas of child development are the most prominent contributors to the child’s over all well-being, health and mental stability. Thus, it is recommended that parents offer generous support and attentiveness to all of these aspects of early development in a child. The main areas of child development include:

  • Gross motor skill development –basic physical accomplishments such as learning to sit, crawl, stand, lean etc.
  • Fine-motor skill development –accomplishing tasks such as picking up toys etc.
  • Cognitive development –learning and problem solving abilities
  • Speech and language development –the comprehension and use of language to communicate
  • Social and emotional development –interaction with others and feelings associated with it

With special consideration of each of these areas of development, parents can significantly help their child excel and flourish in all fields.

Factors Affecting Child Development

As a parent, it is necessary to know any factors that may influence your child’s early development. When the child progresses towards achieving his /her self-reliance for basic everyday tasks; various elements can affect his /her development, both negatively as well as positively. These include but are not limited to prenatal factors, genetics,environmental factors and the child’s aptitude for growth and learning. One must do all one can to ensure that one’s child reaches his/her maximum potential; and utilises his/her learning capabilities to the fullest.

The Importance Of Early Year

Although humans continue to enhance and grow up to their adolescent years; keep developing in various aspects such as cognition and learning even through their adulthood and old age. The early years contain a special significance. This is because the greatest rate of development is undergone in the earliest years of life. The rate of brain development is set out during this period and it cannot be altered later on in life. Therefore, it is advised that parents pay particular attention to their child in the first five years.

Negative Consequences Of Developmental Delay

Unfortunately, the adverse effects of developmental delay are not uncommon. This in itself should serve as a fair warning to all; as to how susceptible a child can be to such consequences. Delays in development can cause damage that persists. This includes detrimental effects on the child’s learning abilities, communication skills, decision-making skills and overall independence and self-care.

In light of the above facts and information, it can easily be highlighted how important and crucial the early ages of development are in a child. From the most basic of steps including walking, crawling and sensing objects to complex mechanisms such as learning and cognition, attention must be paid and support must be provided to the child. This is the most efficient way to ensure a smooth sailing across all fields of life for the child in question.

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