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How To Start A Blog From Scratch in 2020

Blogging is writing mind thoughts about topics on which you or people want to talk, and listen. Starting a blog is as easy as making a coffee, and as difficult as climbing a mountain. If you are hardworking, and have a good time to invest in your blog, it will be an easy task for you.

On the other hand, if you are always busy, and unable to give time, it will be like dragging a big stone. It is really amazing experience for any beginner as well as professional. With time, it will become an easy task for you.

Before you get start and have no clue, be sure to check out What is a Blog?. Blogging could be a whole new world for you!

Why you should start a blog?

Blogging will make you more confident about writing, communication skills, and reading. It will build a network of public, and other bloggers. That will be a right hand for you to gain, and spread knowledge, and solutions of current problems of public. It will improve your thinking, and intellectual abilities. You will be a better blogger.

People around the globe know you because of your online work. And you have great influence on the minds of audience. You are inspiration of some persons, and leader for others. In this way, your business will become a brand through internet world, and you can easily earn money online, as well as help you to change your lifestyle. I think, these reasons are good enough to motivate someone to start a blog. In this article, you will learn how to start a blog.

Process of How to start a blog

There are twelve steps to start a new blog. These steps are explained below. 

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Niche down.
  3. Decide on your domain name.
  4. Choose a plan to host your blog.
  5. Install WordPress.
  6. Login to your new blog.
  7. Install a theme.
  8. Write your first blog posts.
  9. Invest in yourself.
  10. Get traffic.
  11. Make money.
  12. Find time.

Step 1: Find Your Passion

What is your passion? What do you want to do in free time? It is one of the main steps to take any initiative. If you are not determinative, you would not be able to do it. This passion should be like your hobby, and your favorite activity. You feel pleasure to do.

It’s time to take action to start your blog. Do not worry about experience, and skills. You will get them with time. Let’s search for topic on which you love to talk for hours.

Step 2: Niche Down

Next step is very interesting. If your hobby gives you money, it will be profitable. That’s why, think again, and reconsider your decision. And be wiser. May be you are used to that work or passionate hobby? But your impression and strength will rise among people as you do blogging and blogging.

Like as a girl you have craze for makeup, and you can post reviews and tutorials of different brand products. May be at the beginning, your tutorial is just okay. But with time, you can make professional ones, too. Remember that, don’t wait for everything to be prefect and learn as you go. Check where to stand out in an over-saturated niche.

Step 3: Decide on Your Domain Name

The most important step is the domain name of your selected blog niche. It should be easy to remember, and to stay in minds of audience or viewers. If you already have a name for your blog, it is the time to be active on blog, and start posting. You can easily register your domain name here with Uniregistry, it comes with FREE privacy which cost $10/year with other registar.

Along with domain name, you need a logo to differentiate your blog from others. It will make it easy to accessible to viewers. For guideline purpose you can see the blog of other bloggers. This logo should be unique. This will represent you and your blog site. An awesome Logo can be done as low as $5 here with Fiverr.

Step 4: Choose a Plan to Host Your Blog

Your blog should be hosted with and run with WordPress. You can easily start your own blog within minutes any managed or self-host WordPress. 

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

These are some commonly used hosting providers, these will help.


This is the best host for any beginner. Millions of websites are hosted by BlueHost. It is really easy to navigate. It requires simple steps for starting a blog like installation. It has $2.95 per month cost. But it has some free domains, backups and 24/7 chat supports. It also provides you keywords for your blog or articles.


It is the Best site for Intermediate Bloggers. It gives you more support than previous one. And provides customer service team. It has $3.95 per month cost. But it has free backups, and 24/7 chat supports.


It is the Best for Professional Bloggers. It is marvelous option.  It has more speed than others.  It will increase ranking of SEO and more management. It has $34.95 per month cost. But it has free backups, free migration, and fast ticket support.

Step 5: Install WordPress

WordPress is like a provided site to construct your blog or business. And best feature about WordPress that it will provide you free service with hosting plans. You have to sign up with your host.

Step 6: Login to Your New Blog

Put your username and password to start any blog. So simple. Everyone knows, how to login.

Step 7: Install a Theme

There are free themes on the dashboard with some limitations. The best theme as a beginner is Astra theme. It is completely free theme. Do not try complicated themes. That will be absurd for audience.

Step 8: Write Your First Blog Posts

The blog includes long writing works, and sometimes requires long articles for solution to overcome difficulties of viewers. At any time, you can scroll down and edit your post, and links according to your choice.

Your blog should have profile picture, some basic posts as a starter, about, and disclosure for your page. Contact list and social media links help you to boost up your blog.

Use internal linking to help Google navigate your site

It is the most important for starting of any blog. These are links which bring viewers from one page on your site to another page on your site. It will bring customers to read and view your old content. It will increase the subscribers, and readers on your site. It is like a guest blogging and backlinks to your site.

Format your blog post                                    

Beautiful images, headings, and subheadings on your blog post make it more charming. Because readers judge your content by clear heading. If headings are attractive, and meaningful, they love to read that post. For long text, addition of bullets, and numbers to important information will be helpful for reader. Format of your post increases worth of your ideas.

Amazing images mesmerise the people to spend more time on your site. Making videos related to topic on the site increase stay time of public on your blog. These enchanted videos will enhance the interest, and understanding level of viewers. These changes will make money for you.

 Step 9: Invest in Yourself

As your blog become familiar with public, you should learn the money making ways. Set up for short courses and e-books with a little fee are good step.

Quality over quantity:

If you have a lot of posts having no meaning, people do not like your content. Quality puts you on the top of merit list in Google instead of content with bad quality. If content is not up to the mark, and having crappy articles, Google will ban that site. People love to read good quality content on Google. Because quality always beats quantity.

Step 10: Get Traffic

With passage of time, public love to visit your beautifully provided content and this is the bonus time for you. You have to work hard to get more visitors. The best media for this purpose is Pinterest, Facebook and email. It will make you near making money.


It provides you users and search engines for your posts. It is the easiest way to seek attention of viewers. It will provide you 40% of your total traffic. You have to make only Pinterest Business account along with setting up profile and your niche dashboard, which is completely free. Add posts with images on regular basis. There are various visual options to make it attractive. It will be PowerPoint, images or Google slides, and post images. Beginner guide on how to gain traffic with Pinterest.

Search Engine Optimisation

Everyone is aware of biggest Search Engine Optimisation, which we use daily, is Google. For Search Engine Optimisation, you should have proper and correct key words along with links to be at the top of list. It is the long lasting game, so always be ready to share new tip related to your niche. It will lead to increase of your rating.


People are scrolling Facebook in their free time and you will get large number of visitors here. For this purpose, you should create Facebook business page and run it like a diet coke. You can be live with your fans here. Viewers will be happy. You will get rating for your quality product.

Step 11: Make Money

For getting money from blogs, you have to invest time. It is the job to make money from home. Getting loyal and regular audience is blessing. You should be consistent. Don’t lose hope and be persistent. By helping others, you will learn the new ways of blogging. There are some monetising methods for blogging.


This is method among first ones to make money. It includes affiliate marketing. It is like promotion of a brand for attracting customer to that affiliate company and in-return getting commission from them. Mostly, sign up is free.

But you have to work in the set rules of company. To increase customers for those products, you should be honest in reviews. Amazon and Macy are examples of such companies.


Providing services through blog is the way to get money in short time. You can present the portfolio through your blog, where your clients can judge your previous work. You can offer different services like virtual assistant, proofreading, freelance writer etc.


The most popular method to get money is ads or advertisement. For a profit, you need more traffic. Google ads, and are the common ad companies. But before starting this work, kindly read the restrictions, and limitation of each company.


By selling your products online, you can earn profit. You can sell e-books, various short or long term courses, and different membership sites. It is the best way to get huge profit. But this requires a lot of hard work to write e-books. You need platforms for courses. Online courses are popular among people. You can use Facebook or email to send products or for link of online courses. A Children’s E-book, and Online Language Classes are niches among them.

Sponsored Posts

If you have sponsors for your blog, and selling their ideas, it is called sponsored posts. You will write anything only for sponsor. You cannot add on your own. It is like you are ambassador of that sponsor companies. And helping them in selling their products by influencing the mind of public. With increase in followers, you can demand more money from company. The Blogger Network, Mode Media, and Social Fabric are some examples.

Step 12: Find Time

If you have idea with busy routine, you are unable to do a blog. You must have a plan for write a blog. Have specific time of your routine for writing a blog. All depends upon you. May be your plan is as short as week or as long as year. Plan blog is like outline of an essay, what you want to write in each paragraph. In the same way, you will write posts according to calendar. It helps you for year or month plan.

You can set up 1-2 daily goals for a blog post. These goals should be smart goals. It will increase audience towards your blog.

How Email helps you to grow your blog?

You have seen on various sites, there are subscription emails for different sites or blogs. If you develop on email address for this purpose, you will get a list of subscriber emails who will receive each email from you. It is like a showcase to the audience or readers. They will send you their email address for getting e-books or enroll in your suggested courses, it will help you a lot to grow your email list as well as blog.

Use your audience to choose topics:

Your blog will become popular, and grab customer attention, if you have a section for question answer, and suggestion related to post. Along with writing a random topic play like a game. The email, Facebook page, comment sections, and whereas surveys are good source to get feedback from customers. 

Add a Frequently Asked Questions section:

In your blog, always add frequently asked questions section. These are thoughts in your mind that customer are curious about, and need to know about your products on your post. 

You have to add answers and questions that common to you. May be that is a new thing for your customer. If someone has more questions there should be a contact box section to message you.

Always spend time to give quality, and satisfying answer to your customer, it will increase the rating of your blog or product. When first starting a blog, you put up a contact form because you think, it is something they do not need to know, but they want answer or have a question.

Use Quora:

The people put questions on Quora websites, for what they are curious about. Frequently visit this website to know what people want to learn. These questions will provide you opportunity to write a new blog post. When they visit the search engine again, the link of your blog post will appear there. They love to visit your blog again, if they find the solution of their problems.

Examples of Successful Bloggers

Lifestyle Blogs, Blogs for Women, Art Blog, and Photography Blog, Fashion Blog, and Fitness blog are some examples of these blogs. You can view them. Why people are following more than you? How they are successful now?


The key element for blogging is to keep in mind that you are helping others and serving the sponsor companies. You are giving time to your followers. Hope you will understand it better from this article that you should be consistent, and do blogging every day. Because Slow and steady wins the race. It will take time when you have millions of followers, and will earning a great profit while running business through this blogging platform.

If you are not happy to give time and put in effort, you will fail. Do not be lazy, and put your effort in building your blog. Because nothing gets done without a little pain. You have to work hard to be successful. Best of luck readers.

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