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How mums can adjust to the new norm of pandemic life

As the logistics of remote work and pressure of responsibilities rise, it may be difficult for our fellow mums to catch a break. Whether you’re a single mum, stay-at-home mum, or working mum, being at home 24/7 can be stressful. If you find yourself grasping at straws, here are a few tips (mum to mum) on how to adjust to pandemic living.

Tip #1 – Set a regular routine

Routine can be boring, but when it becomes tempting to sleep in all day or skip out on taking a shower, it can restore a sense of discipline you had before the lockdown. At the very least, you may want to come up with a regular sleeping schedule and set breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. You can get your kids in on the routine as well, to allow them to exercise self-restraint and good behaviour.

Tip #2 – Don’t overcomplicate your day

If you’re learning how to start a blog of your own by following mummy vloggers online, watching them come up with Masterchef-worthy meals in a perfectly arranged household can be intimidating and make you want to follow suit. However, it isn’t necessary. Keep your tasks simple. Delegate daily chores and practice being a positive role model to your children however you can.

Tip #3 – Give your kids a break

Now that you have full surveillance of them, being in control of what your kids do with their time can be a trap. While you want to encourage discipline, it’s equally as important to allow your children to relax. Along with hormones and unspent energy, parental pressures can create a lot of stress.

Tip #4 – Take advantage of online resources

If you’re missing the delights of travel, why not take the occasional virtual tour? Nowadays, you can easily visit the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre, the Yosemite National Park, and other museums in the click of a button. Who says you can’t immerse yourself in culture when stuck at home?

Tip #5 – Bond over board games

Being cooped up can foster a competitive spirit. What better way to release that energy than with a classic game of Monopoly? Not only will you drag your kids away from their screens, a simple game of Pictionary, but Scrabble, or Taboo can also reinforce impulse control, teach your children how to accept defeat, encourage patience, or allow them to develop new skills.

Tip #6 – Teach your child a few life skills

If your child isn’t taking up home economics in school, now is the best time to get down to basics. Dividing chores can help teach your kids how to load up a dishwasher or iron their own clothes. To ensure that everyone is learning the same set of skills, rotate the task list every week. Lead by example and encourage your children to try again when they make a mistake.

Tip #7 – Have a chat about social responsibility

If you have younger children, chances are they won’t have a complete hold on the gravity of the situation. In the midst of tragic news, you can use this time to let your children know how abiding by health guidelines can help save the lives of others. Encourage your children to help those in need by donating to a non-profit or providing meals for the hungry. You might even be able to offer your expertise in places that need them.

There’s no doubt that being on lockdown can take a toll on your physical and mental health. But by using the time to stay healthy, you can foster an environment that’s beneficial to both you and your entire family! Love the tips we just gave you? Check out Lovee for more of our parenting blogs and advice for new mums.

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