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Getting Started with toilet training

Toileting your toddler may take time and patience. This is a developmental step and will only happen when they are ready.

When is toilet training possible?

Usually from the age of 2 years old, of course this can be vary, a toddler’s bladder and bower has matured enough, that your toddler has developed voluntary control of the relevant muscles and they have the ability to communicate with you and therefore you may wish to attempt toilet training.

Getting Started

Your toddler will probably let you know which of the several options for getting started they prefer. Using a potty or chair enables them to feel more secure with their feet on the floor or alternately, a small set of steps with a non-slip base placed in front of a regular toilet can be used with a child size toilet insert. Some boys might prefer to stand in front of the toilet while others will prefer to sit to pass urine.

Signs that your toddler may be ready include

  • Tells you or indicates they have wet their nappy
  • Trying to remove wet/soiled nappied themselves
  • Fewer wet nappies during the day
  • The ability to remain dry for 2 hours or more
  • You may notice they are dry when they wake up from a nap
  • Able to sit in one place for a few minutes
  • Showing an interest in using the potty and toilet

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