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Easy Sleep Training for Your Baby

Sore wrists, tired arms, and sleepless nights; welcome to parenthood! If you too have trouble putting your child to sleep without the much feared crying phase, you are just like many other parents. Some babies can take up to an hour or even more or cooing, cradling, rocking and soft singing before they fall asleep.

The results, however, can sometimes be short-lived. Yikes! Every parent wants to know the secret to putting his / her baby to sleep in a few, easy minutes without compromising his / her sanity. So we have constructed a short training guide to help you do just that!

Watch Out For Signs Of Sleepiness

Be vary of the simplest of actions of your baby. Babies often give out subtle cues that hint their tiredness and sleepiness. Familiarise yourself with your baby’s specific tells. Signs of sleepiness could include yawning, rubbing of eyes or ears, crying (sadly), slower movements, and irritability.

If you can pinpoint the times when your baby is actually feeling tired, it will be much easier to put him/her to sleep rather than forcing sleep on him/her when he/she is fresh and active.

Routine, Routine, Routine

Spontaneously putting your child to sleep every day can be quite troublesome. Therefore, it is important that you establish a sleep routine with your baby that you follow every day.

This can involve a specific lullaby that you sing to your baby or taking him/her to the crib. Your baby will soon start associating these actions with sleep. This will make putting him/her to sleep much more effortless.

Appropriate Bedtime Is The Key

Putting your baby to sleep at the respective, age-appropriate bedtime is key. Putting babies to sleep at an earlier time results in them fighting sleep. As a result, it takes much more time for them to fall into the deep, peaceful rhythm of sleep. On the other hand, delaying sleep to a later time makes it hard for babies to relax. Thus, it is extremely important to find the ideal sleeping time.

Be Consistent

Once you have observed and noted all the sleep signs of your baby, found an age-appropriate time to fit the baby’s schedule and made a sleep routine that works out, it is crucial that you follow these steps every day. It is important to understand that it will be harder to maintain it in the early days, but if you keep trying every day, it is sure to work out.

Your baby’s sleep is very crucial for his / her growth and development. Therefore, it is important that you undertake the above measures to ensure not only the unhindered growth of your baby but also an easier routine for yourself. In addition, it will keep both you and your baby fresh and stress-free. We hope the above measures help you establish the perfect schedule for yourself and your baby. Happy parenting!

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