Crystal Healing As A Boost To Meditative Practices

Crystal Healing As A Boost To Meditative Practices

Most of us are pretty familiar with gemstones such as Crystal as they are often being used for beautification. However, the power of crystals is beyond their mesmerizing looks. Classified as minerals, they have an atomic structure that embodies vibrational energy that can interact and influence all other forms of energy outside its crystalline structure.  

When the vibrational frequency syncs with the energy around, it forms harmony and ensures balance. Historically, the use of crystals can be traced as far back as the records of the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. Royalties and noblemen of the past are believed to have incorporated crystals into their crowns or worn them not only because they are beautiful but because they knew of their powerful healing properties. Although they might not have had access to modern scientific research and testing methods, they would have been able to observe and discover the power of using crystals. This discovery had been passed down through generations, and it is still in effect today. 

Nowadays, several people do not believe in its healing powers, with the discovery of science. However, more studies have proven that its vibrational energy exists, and that is where its healing properties lie. The vibration frequency differs uniquely from one crystal to the other, all of which have been found effective.

Crystal Healing is vibrational healing using crystals that can be used as an alternative or complementary therapy. We also have other vibrational healing such as light, colour, etc. 

In Crystal Healing, Crystals are used as a healing modality. It works by using naturally present energy fields present in the crystals to interact with and influence them. 

Usually, our bodies, mind, and spirit have an energy frequency, and such frequency can range from healthy to unhealthy. Also, these energies can be thrown out of balance resulting in ill health and disease; that’s where the use of Crystals comes in. Once the stone’s frequency comes into contact with the frequency body that requires healing, its vibrational frequencies harmonize with whatever energy your mind, body, and spirit emit. Then, the crystal’s frequency rebalances the receiving frequencies as needed so you’d feel balanced and enjoy good physical, emotional and mental health.

Different Types of Crystals

Crystal stones come in a variety, and each of these variables is uniquely shaped and has its vibration frequencies. 

Below are some of the commonly used crystals in meditation:


Purplish in colour, this gemstone is considered to be an exceptional stone for centuries. It was often used on goblets to ward off intoxication and also cure hangovers. Apart from the benefits of keeping one from getting drunk, it is an excellent stone that can help you remain calm and collected as you go through your daily life activities. It uplifts your mind, feelings, and spirit, and therefore its power can be said to vary from emotional to physical and spiritual matters.

Clear Quartz Crystal

Often referred to as the supreme gift from Mother Earth, this crystal can amplify whatever energy or intention it holds. It is the powerhouse of all the crystals because of its versatility. Each piece is exceptional, and it resonates on an individual level depending on you, i.e. It has no actual purpose until you assign one to it. This stone is often used in Mindful Meditation. It makes you feel more aware, provides clarity of mind and alertness to the body while serving as a filter against negative thoughts and energies naturally.


Drives from the French word “citron,” this stone is yellowish, and it is often used because of its warm, optimistic energy it can give off. It absorbs the energy you present to it and amplifies your intentions into the world while fending off any negative energy that comes your way. 

When used during meditation, it calms you and helps you relax while easing any clutter in tension, fear, and anxiety, especially when worn out. It gives a precise beam of positivity, making you feel as light as air and giving you clarity. 

Alternatively known as the merchant stone, citrine is often used to pursue wealth and prosperity as it helps you drive your ambitions. It is a powerful manifestation stone that takes your energy and makes you more confident.

Selenite Crystals

Named after Selene, a moon goddess in Greek mythology, the Selenite Crystal is a powerfully positive stone that embodies the qualities of the moon’s rays and, as such, can be charged or cleanse by moonlight.

Exceptionally soft, it dissolves when it’s put in water; thus, it should be handled with care. This stone is firmly connected to our emotions in a wholly positive way. It will help your emotions flow with ease and redirect your energy to positivity, especially if you find it tricky handling strong feelings as it dispels negative energy toward self or others.

Hematite Crystals

It is a powerful grounding stone such that when it is used for meditation, it evens and balances your being, especially when you are under stress or feel like things are spinning out of control. When you meditate with it, it connects your energy to the earth and ground you, helping you to find balance and give you the ability to concentrate on yourself. It is the perfect stone to have when you find your strength being zapped by negative feelings. 

When worn, it helps boost calm confidence as it makes you feel whole, giving you the courage to do anything your heart desires.

It also enhances your focus in life, as it dispels negative energy that may be lingering around you. 

Once such air dissipates, you are left with an aura of positivity that will enhance your logical and creative skills.

Tiger Eye

It is a common but powerful crystal used to stimulate a sense of calm, understanding, and self-awareness when stressed or in periods of uncertainty and risks. 

Apart from providing you grounding and stability in any situation, it is used to maintain and grow wealth by providing the strength and confidence to pursue and create the life you want while keeping negativity at bay. 

It is a superior stone used for inspiring action such that it heals you from lingering procrastination, laziness, or creative block. Due to its association with growth, abundance, and success, this stone keeps you grounded. It stabilizes your emotions on the verge of uncertainty by keeping you hopeful of incoming abundance despite the current challenges you face. 

Rose Quartz 

This pale pink stone is also known as the ‘love crystal’ as it is commonly used for loving yourself more, kindling deep friendships, strengthening relationships. 

In attracting love, we also get peace and happiness in return because this stone also heals our heart and enables us to let go of disappointment and pain. It is a valuable stone with calm and comforting powers that create stronger bonds, strengthen an existing one while expelling emotional pain and resentment from painful memories.

Black Tourmaline

This is arguably the most powerful crystal for protection. In ancient times, it was used as a source of protection to feel safe when scared or vulnerable, but in our modern world, the Black Tourmaline is used to support our well-being and increases our sense of safety. It absorbs and transforms negative energy while bringing balance between our physical and spiritual lives. It is the perfect stone to bring you to a deeper connection to your body while calming your mind, reassuring your energies, and strengthening your immune system. 

It also removes bad energy from your life while absorbing toxic influences, thus, enabling you to remain positive and creative.


Derived from the name “Obsius,” its reflective prowess was often extensively used during ancient times to dispel evil. In our modern world, it is frequently called the Gem of Truth because this stone possesses boundless work of power as it often unveils your most hidden secrets and desires. It is used in meditation to connect to higher energy in times of stress and fear and helps you facilitate change in your life.

It is also the perfect tone for protection, shielding, and grounding energy as it tends to ward off negativity to your being. 


This is an excellent crystal with powerful energy that can ease physical illnesses. This crystal’s energy tends to flow into the painful imbalanced area, absorb unwanted energies, and restores the area to the correct frequency.

Apart from its physical benefits, it is also known to bring comfort to chronic depression caused by strong trauma infliction. It enables these depressive victims to be in an aware state while nurturing and healing their mental and physical wounds with love and peace. 

Some Christians believed this crystal was formed at the feet of Christ during his crucifixion; thus, it is alternatively identified as “Martyr’s Stone.” In meditation, it is used as an assist to focus on manifesting desires.

Why Use Crystals

Crystal healing is one of the most accessible healing therapies. They are easy to access and use as a natural therapy. It is increasingly available on several eCommerce stores and can also be bought from several shops or physical events.

Vibration healing using crystals is incredibly beneficial to our lives, irrespective of age, gender, or race. It is not limited to specific health issues; some women use it while pregnant to create a strong bond between mother and child. Others use it during childbirth and while breastfeeding.

Crystal healing can be used in preventing and healing a multitude of physical and mental ailments of all types. It is safe and can be used alongside other treatments and prescription medications.

Over time, they have proven to be effective for physical complaints such as pains, headaches, cramps, etc. they can also be used for mental conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress. Once placed around our bodies, it acts as a channel for healing from past traumas, giving us the needed support through grief, times of upheaval, times when we feel afraid.

Apart from its healing prowess, Crystals can be used to improve several areas of life. Its capacity to keep positive and healing energy flow into our bodies causes the negative energy to be drawn out, thereby helping us channel love to ourselves, enabling us to move forward from difficulties in the past.   

It is also beneficial to students as it enhances their ability to concentrate and memorizes

These stones can help us face our fears in life by boosting our human traits such as self-confidence, self-esteem, courage, determination, or resilience.

It is advisable to visit an experienced crystal healer if you do not want to work with crystals yourself or if your case is complex or requires the use of rare or very expensive crystals.

How to Use Crystals during Meditation

Crystal stones are one good way to boost your meditation practice. Each of these crystals is believed to be a powerful tool to help create an in-depth concentration, raise awareness and deepen consciousness. These pebbles are instrumental to your thoughts and serve as an anchor to help you connect with a specific goal or intention as you access your inner wisdom, which can only be attained through deep meditation.

To achieve maximum results, these stones are usually embraced in the palms of your hands or laid on your body that they can touch your skin during meditation.

Here is a simple meditation step using crystal:

● Choose the crystal you’d use for meditation. Do in-depth research and decide which one you’d prefer.

● Cleanse the crystal before using. There are some crystals that you shouldn’t use water or earth to cleanse; else, you destroy its energy. Find out the most effective way of cleansing your preferred stone.

● Find a quiet place to achieve deeper concentration and focus. Also, avoid any distraction like beeps from your phone, sound from the T.V that will disturb you when you start. Earplugs are also advisable, so you can concentrate more and cannot be disturbed easily.

● Sit quietly on a meditation mat to be comfortable and relaxed. You might sit for an extended period; therefore, it is advisable to support your body by using meditation pillows or cushions to avoid any hip and bottom discomfort.

● After you’ve succeeded in finding the comfortable position, then you close your eyes. As you do this, you should also keep your mind silent by not thinking of anything. I know this can be not easy, but you can try it for some seconds before progressing to a minute. Acknowledge wandering thoughts and let them fade off

● Concentrate on your meditation by focusing your attention on your breathing alone

● Now hold the crystals comfortably in your hands. You can as well place it somewhere nearby, like on the cushion or meditation table. But irrespective of where you place it, it can alter your consciousness positively.

Note: You can also hold these crystals in the palm of your hands while doing a walk meditation.

● Feel the energy of the crystal, focus your attention on the energetic sensation flowing from the crystal; be aware of sensations like vibrations, visions, or thoughts from the crystals   

● Then channel your energy into the crystal; picture your awareness and consciousness as it flows and increases into the stone. Do this until all of your energy is transferred into the stone.

● Now breathe in deeply by visualizing the stone’s energy filling your mind and saturating all your senses.

Before you started this exercise, you should already have the desired intention. This is where it comes in. At this point, the crystal in your hands or close by is listening to your intention, so now, you should start visualizing your desired intention.

After thinking about your intention, relax your body and mind. When you are done relaxing and feeling at peace with yourself, observe all aspects of your consciousness spiral out of the stone and into your body.

Once that process is over, return to your consciousness around you by opening your eyes, taking deep breaths, and stretching your body if you feel like it or wiggle your fingers or toes. You can as well take a glass of water.

A notebook or journal would come in handy when you are done so you can write all your feelings and expressions from these “magical pebbles.”

As a beginner, you can begin small, and over time, you can progress to five or preferably ten minutes. Irrespective of how long you want to meditate, crystals shouldn’t remain on your body for more than 20 minutes. Also, as a beginner, if you feel uncomfortable with the crystals before the stipulated duration expires, kindly take them down immediately and drink water.

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