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Crafts that makes money

Do you have passion for crafting and want to transform your creative passion into business? At the same time are you searching for a way to become financially successful while being a stay at home mum? Well, there is good news for you all. Let me introduce some of the crafts that will surely fetch money. It’s my pleasure to provide you a table of such crafting lists for easy navigation, enjoy!


Handmade natural soaps can be a great alternative compared to standard store-bought brands. If we can make our own homemade soaps, it’s going to be free from the harmful chemicals and all known allergens as these soaps will be created by all-natural ingredients of your home. At the same time, it would become a craft that makes you financially beneficial as well. Step by step making process of these soaps can easily be found over the internet especially YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and others. You can shape and design the soaps according to the ingredients available. Some of the examples can be Natural Salt Soap Spa Bars, Loofah Soap, Rainbow Soap, Watermelon Soap, Glycerine Soap Gem Stones, Flower Infused Milk Soap, Peaches and Cream Handmade Soap, Citrus Orange Zest Soap and so on.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Recently, reusable grocery bags are becoming popular and are the way of our future. Also they are more fashionable compared to the tranditional ones. A good number of the retailers all over the world have already eliminated the use of plastic bags and encourage you to bring your own bag or purchase one of their recycle bag. So you can utilize this scope and can create some amazing patterns of the reusable bags by yourself.

Fabric Gift Bags

Fabric gifts bags are another craft that plays as the eco-friendly solution to the wasteful wrapping paper and gift boxes. It would become more innovative and attractive if you can design these bags with your creative and imaginary ability.

Ribbon Toys for children

Isn’t it so easy to make ribbon toys for your children! You can create no-sew baby ribbon toys that look professional, beautiful and at the same time are easy to make. You can create innovative designs to make it more attractive ones for the audiences.

Decorative pillows and pillow covers

Decorative pillow is one of the most innovative and lucrative way for the stay home mums. You can learn how to make decorative pillows and start your own business in no time. You can learn different patterns from internet and even with your own new innovative ideas; you can transform and give the design a better look. The more unique design you can create, it become more attractive resulting a better price for your pillow. At the same time, you can also create lavish designed pillow covers of different colours and shapes by yourself. This particular fun and easy no-sew project is perfect for those who want to make pillow covers but can’t sew up to the level or lack of a sewing machine at home.

Picture Frames

The cute little picture frame is very simple, elegant, but so impeccable for making business. You can make the picture frames from diversified ingredients like up cycled wood pallets as these frames are so popular right now. At the same time you can sell as many of these as you can make as it’s not that too hard to make. First of all, you have to learn how to make these homemade frames by following different available tutorials on the internet. However, you can customize the frames with the paint colors of your choice, too! You can also append embellishments if you like to do with the upper and lower bars. This can be a very creative project to get desired selling indeed. If you are looking for something easy and cheap to make and sell on Etsy or another online marketplace, this is going to be one of my most favourite choices for you. This can be a cute idea specially for selling to different gift shops. At the same time I would highly recommend making these cute handmade picture frames stock in your storage for special occasions like Christmas holiday sales and other similar celebrations.


Crafting beautiful pendants or necklaces can be another fantastic outlet of creativity that can prove lucrative if provided with the right passion and marketing approach. You can try making such pendants that can potentially create charm and promote stylish designs among women. For that, you may try to collect available ingredients around you. At the same time if you can apply your own creativity and one-of-a-kind unique designs, which are responsible for great income in this arena. So try to become innovative and creative while designing pendants.

Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

Wow this is really wonderful! Wire wrapped bead rings are one of the coolest and easiest crafts that make money. And the best part is that they don’t cost much to make. Seriously! You can find many of the required ingredients for making such rings at your local stores. Just append your own creativity and imaginary ability to create unique designs. You’re ready to sell!


Well, this is another effective way to earn money easily without too much effort. Making candles are fairly of low cost, because you don’t require a big space or high-priced ingredients for it. So candle-making can be a perfect craft that makes money without investing too much. Once you melt the wax and mix ingredients, you can quickly pour the wax into several containers and then assemble in accordingly, the candles will then become ready for sale in the market. For candle making, containers can be an important aspect because the shape of your candle is very much depend on your moulding contaniers.


Earrings are also easy to make and look gorgeous with any sorts of outfits. From casual gathering to prom night, earrings can change the way a woman look. At the same time you can create new designed earrings according to your available ingredients, colour, shape etc.

Fabric Covered Pots

You can learn how to make these fun and easy pots by using only scrap fabrics. YouTube tutorials are widely available by different creator. It would be a great cheap idea to make and sell such cute and crafty pots that can also act as home displays as well.

Rope Bowls

Well, this is one of my most favourite home made crafts. While apparently rope bowl may looks expensive and hard to make. But actually I was so surprised to see that this elegant home decorative can be made with only rope and a glue gun! Not only that, as you can craft your bowls in minutes so within short time, you can produce a bunch of them. Besides these, you can also create different kinds of rope and jute from the raw materials and by making them you can also offer your customers a diversity of choices. These homemade bowls are perfect for holding you daily necessaries like fruits, napkins, home decor accessories, bread, and almost everything you like to put in them. Rope bowl can also act as an awesome gift too; an alternative impressive gift idea. Besides, these bowls are so handy that you can easily sell it anywhere you like. Also this is one of the most popular items on different online stores in the home décor category. Rope bowl is definately more worthy for business purpose as it takes minimal effort and inexpensive. So I recommend trying this rope bowls first at home, if you’re just in the starting phase of creating your own business.

 Christmas Wreaths

I think Christmas wreaths are the one of the most perfect handmade items to sell around the holidays. As a buyer I buy a new wreath almost every year and I know many others who do the same thing!  So you can let your creativity run wild by making these stuffs. I find that rustic looking wreaths sell really fast in my area. So you can create according to your creativity and in shape the ones with themes like snowman, deer etc and also make them monogrammed. These crafts are easy to make and sell particularly during any occasions. 

Mini Pallet Coaster

If you’re looking for easy ways to make money from home, this can be a good option for you.  You can try making these wonderful and affordable coasters that looks just like tiny painted pallets.  You can easily create them only with the help of craft sticks, glue and tape. At the same time, you can also customize the look of these pallet coasters by using your creativity and create endless possibilities.

Triangle Pouch

Whether you are just started to learn how to sew or thinking about starting, these cute little triangle pouches can be a great opportunity for you to make a business as an alternative gift product. This particular craft can be sold during different occasions too. Normally these days, people start shopping for the holidays much earlier than expected. So you can start making these pouches right away for big occasions like Christmas and other festivals. You can try to buy inexpensive zippers in bulk numbers so that you can adjust your price according to the customer demands.

Sunglass bag

This is one of the simplest things I’ve have ever made to sell, but also one of the cutest at the same time, due to the limitless possibilities. It can be made from only a small piece of fabric; even you can utilize the leftover fabric scraps for this sunglass case. You can also design this bag with your favourite colours and creativity to make it a unique one. A solid color or a plain white to get super creative with paint or embroidery details. Embellish these with creative art and stitching or sew them from some pretty fabric scraps you’ve been holding onto but not sure what to do with. Surely it’s going to be inexpensive and quick to make these custom bags for holding sunglasses, which are very popular with all ages ranging from teens to adults.

Wine cork key chains

Can you image a craft business by drinking wines? Yes, you read it right. First of all, you have to drink a few bottles of them and store the corks to make these practically free key chains. These can be sold as cheap gift options for any time any occasions.


Handmade purses are also adorably easy to make and a one-of-a-kind unique alternative to woman handbag. You can find several designs and ingredients around you for making these purses. There are tons of YouTube tutorials to help you in mastering this skill. Learn as you go, if you are passionate in this, you can create your very own innovative designs which is another selling point.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are one of the most popular accessories particularly in weddings, festivals and other occasions. As these wonderful eyes-catching head wears are cheap and easy to make, involving little more than fabric flowers, a headband and with some creativity, that’s all.

 Knife Holder

The advantage of this particular craft is that knife holders are always in demand. You can make these essential kitchen items really attractive and livelier by using different colours, decoration styles and creativity, which will lead you to earn a good amount of profit by selling it.

Personalized Letter Art

This is another craft that remains popular throughout the whole year. These personalized letter art is a profitable craft to make and sell, and what, most importantly it will never go out of fashion. What you have to do is simply sketch some block letters, cut them out and apply them to a pop and fancy background to grab the attention of customers, that’s it.

Children’s Headbands

Another profitable craft to make can be children’s headbands, which never fail to become popular amongst little girls. You can easily make these colourful headbands by using different available materials. Usually it’s inexpensive to make, and can be sold for a good amount of profit indeed.

Homemade lip gel

Lip gel is also another popular craft that remains popular and at the same time is super easy and cheap to make. Requiring less to no effort, only need some beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweetish oil etc. Additionally if you are thinking about creating the popular strawberry flavoured lip gel, you need to infuse strawberry flavoured oil in it.

Beaded Bracelets

Creating beaded bracelets is also a fun and popular way to earn money from home. You can learn the techniques of building it through online tutorials easily.

So don’t be late. Grab the opportunities; start creating these crafts and gift smile to your family members.

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