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All-Natural Cold & Cough Remedies

It stinks.

Watching your normally high energy, bouncing off the wall toddler struggle to get off the couch. It is heartbreaking. We have all been there as parents and caregivers.

So what can you do?

Run to the drugstore right?

That’s a good option. But be ready to be quite overwhelmed by the enormous amount of medicine that there is to choose from. Medicine for a cough. A medicine for congestion. It is nerve wracking. Plus the cost. It can be quite expensive, especially if you have to buy multiple products to treat different symptoms.

Believe me; I am in no way against purchasing something that will help alleviate symptoms for my child and helps them to get comfortable and on the way to feeling better.  I am just bringing to light that there are other options, natural options, that can work just as well, possibly saving you some money and that trip to the drugstore.


“Like Grandma used to Make”

Who doesn’t love soup? A combination of the warm broth that acts as a vaporiser, and the proven benefits of chicken soup having anti-inflammatory qualities, it’s a win-win.


Coughing is not bad.

Coughing is the bodies way of loosening up mucus, so a suppressant may not be a good option. But, extensive coughing can lead to an irritated throat and a very uncomfortable child. Honey is a great way to help control their cough and may even help them sleep better. Plus it is sweet and tastes good. They say you can give ½ a teaspoon of honey to a child starting at the age of one.
*You don’t want to give honey to a child younger than one due to the risk of botulism from the bacteria that is in it.


Liquids, warm or very cold are also a great option. Liquids can help thin the mucus which will then be easier to cough up and eliminate from their body. They also can soothe their throat as well. We usually make chicken soup for our kids and then strain out the broth for them to drink. Broth, as mentioned above, does so much good that it is the first thing we do when our kids start to get run down.


Let’s not forget the Popsicle. Sometimes I think that my 4-year-old enjoys getting sick, not only because of the extra snuggles and attention but for the Popsicle. When healthy, he is limited to a Popsicle every so..hardly ever. But when sick; I think he needs one every 10 minutes. No joke. And who is going to tell him no….when he is so sick and miserable and not feeling well…oh there I go feeling bad for him. I almost gave him a Popsicle, and he isn’t even sick.

In no way is this a way to avoid the paediatrician. If your child is sick, it is always best to be cautious and have them get checked out by their paediatrician. Especially with flu season, you don’t want to underestimate it for a common simple cold.

These are just ways to soothe your child as they navigate the path to feeling better.

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