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9 Inexpensive birthday celebration ideas for kids

Parents always try to make their kid’s birthday special no matter what their age is. Although, it is indeed a very special occasion but you don’t want it too heavy for your pockets. Celebrating the birthday lavishly is not the option every parent has because of the financial restrictions. According to a report, 29% of parents spend approximately $250 or more on their kid’s birthday every year. This also cannot be possible for parents belonging to middle class or who have many children.

Birthdays don’t need to be too lavish to have fun. You can even plan a budget birthday with a little effort, consideration and kids can still have lots fun. All that is needed is a little creativity.You can also teach the kids the importance of being different and how to save money.

In this way kids will learn that they don’t need to spend a lot in order to have fun. Only the right spirit is needed. If your child is still too young to understand, say 1 year old, you can totally skip celebrating his birthday and he won’t even remember it because you don’t need to spend on something which your child doesn’t even enjoy or understand. Still, it can be a very good memory for the parents.

So How To Celebrate Birthdays Within The Budget?

You can throw an inexpensive birthday party for your child and still have fun. Here we go, lets take a look of the inexpensive and budget birthday celebration ideas which parents can take into consideration.

1. Try Selecting A No Cost Venue

Selecting a location which is not too expensive is very essential. The right and inexpensive location would minimise your cost a lot. It doesnt have to be in luxury play centre, you can either celebrate in your own house or park, beach or a playground to celebrate your child’s birthday.

A home based party can be very light for your pocket. You can even hire some affordable helper for the clean up afterwards from all the money you save. If the weather is great during the day, a park based birthday party can also be planned. It would also give the kids a chance to play around. If you want any venue for the birthday where they don’t charge entry fees, then parks are the best option available. However, if the weather is not good say in the winter, you can select some other budget venue. You can select the timing which is not peak timing such as some weekday or a morning on weekends. This would cost you much lesser than usual.

2. Deciding On The Guests

A large guest list can turn a budgeted party into an expensive one. Having few guests can lower your budget in a dramatic way. Even if your child is hoping you for a large guest list, keeping it short would mean that he would get to spend some quality time with everyone and bond with them. Therefore you should choose the people who are close to your kid that shares common interest. Don’t invite people because of peer society pressure.

3. Digital Invitation Instead Of Phyiscal Card

Digital invitations can be sent to the guests online through emails or any social media platform instead of a traditional card. You can save a lot of money by this and no one would even lose their invitation. It can cost $5 for a simple birthday invitation card nowadays.

Digital invitation is a lot cheaper than the paper card and would cause you less trouble as well. You can also communicate easily with the people you invite and make sure that they have received your invitation to the party. Reminders about the party can be sent to the guests anytime, anywhere as well. There are alot of app that allow you to design and send invitation card now. You can even use as much creativity as you want to design your own digital invitation. But if you really want to send a traditional invitation card, you still can do so by printing your own instead of buying instore. Or you can even ask your child to write the card and pop them into his classmates school bags.

4. Pocket Friendly Decoration

Decoration is good but the guests (especially the kids) will be more interested in amazing food and activities instead of the decorations itself. If the kid wants a themed birthday party, then you should decide the theme early as it would give you a lot of time to think and find budget decoration related to the theme. You can also check Pinterest for decoration ideas which are not too heavy on the pocket.

You can also come out with your own creativity by making them yourself instead of buying. Another way is to keep the decoration simple by using a lot of balloons and avoiding theme decoration. If you decide on offering the goody bags, you can shop for some inexpensive kids favourite goodies like, stationery and snacks. It doens’t have to fancy as you can decorate them yourself. You can even put up simple utensils and other stuff instead of going for the themed table. You can even ask your kids to help you with the decorations which would help them to get in the right spirit.

5. Think Of Ways To Lower The Cost Of Goody Bag

The most common ritual of a birthday party is to send each child home with a goody bag by handing a goody bag to the children at the end of the party. This can easily cost you as least $10 or more per bag and eventually add up to your budget.

In most of the parties, useless items are used to fill goody bags which are of basically no use and get thrown away eventually. You can try skipping handing out goody bags at the party but the kids coming at the party do expect a goody bag.

To avoid disapointment, you can give out goody bags by filling them with cute and fancy stationary items. You can also plan an activity where each child design their own goody bag and take it home. Instead of handing out goody bags, a treasure hunt themed birthday is also amazing where the children can take the treasure they found as gift home.

Also, you can organise different quizzes and games that give out token gifts to the winner and they can take it home. This would help you to maintain your budget and the kids will also enjoy these activities. Finally, some small gift items in the closed box and have the kids grab it themselves without looking at it is also a great idea.

6. Choosing The Right Cake

Birthday cakes can eat up a large part of your budget. According to a report, a custom cake can cost you up to $200 dollars alone. If you are a good at baking, you can bake one at home instead of buying the cake from the bakery too, which would save you alot.

But hey, baking takes lots of technical skill, so what if you are not good at baking. Then you will have to find a cake within your budget or cut back the cost from other areas. To save you even more, shop in Coles instead of a Cake shop where you can get a full size Chocolate mud cake as low as $4.80! It would be much fun thou if you can make the cake yourself. There’re tons of different type of cakes or pattern you can go with at a relative low budget.

7. Keeping The Food In The Budget

To be honest, the kids consume very little in a party, usually ended with plenty of waste and leftover. Parents please plan properly as food can cost you alot. If

If you are planning to celebrate the birthday at playcentre, you should select the cheapest package of food for each kid. Never pay for the premium deals which is only the waste of money and not even necessary. The kids may not even notice the add-ons in the food such as ice cream if they are having a good time enjoying the party.

Look for the deals and coupons from groupon sometimes can help you lower your cost of food. You can even cut down on food budget by putting a limit to the timing of the party. In this way, you won’t have to feed your guests the whole day.

Home cooking is always wonderful if you are good at cooking. Meal can easily be prepared or ordered in bulk at a fraction of normal price. However, if you are not looking for serving full lunch or dinner, the party can always be opt between 2pm to 5pm.

8. Introduce Budget Friendly Activities

You can introduce fun activities within your budget and buy the supplies for your activities in party shop or even from a local 2-dollars shop. Remember, kids doesn’t really know the value at these age, so, if you aren’t spending lots on parties e.g. hiring professional entertainer, they still can enjoy as long it keeps them entertain. Activities like musical chairs, Simon Says and Freeze Dance are popular and fun. Other activies, like treasure hunt, simple face painting, or even whacking a piñata can also be planned.

9. Saving On Equipments

Lot of money can be saved by not renting equipments. Therefore if you are tight on budget, you should not go for a carnival themed party. You can have any other creative plans or themes. If you still want to go for a carnival themed birthday party, you can come up with some budget friendly ideas. For example if the bouncy castle exceeds your budget, you can skip it as it’s not necessary. You can even borrow the equipments from your friends if your budget doesn’t approve it.

In comparison to a high budgeted party where you pay the party planners to take care of everything such as decorations, cake, food and activities, a low budgeted party requires much more effort and time since you’ll be doing everything yourself but these savings can be extremely useful for you in years to come. You can do so much with these savings such as invest it in a saving account for your kid’s college or plan some trip with your family. But even the low budgeted party that’s properly organised, your kid will always remember and value it.

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