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7 ways to calm down kids without using a screen

Suppose you are in a party and your child becomes impatient for anything or you’re in middle of a very important official job, suddenly your kid suddenly starts crying for anything; say for a candy, then always you fall in an erratic situation. Don’t you? It’s always become a challenge for parents to cool down their children.  So how do you make her calm? In 90% cases it’s going to be providing her with iPhone or iPad. Isn’t it? But according to research does screen time impact children’s development, it is suggested to restrict these kinds of technological equipments for kids, whose age lies between 2 to 5.

Now obviously you’ll ask me, how can you restrain them without providing them these gadgets? Here are my 7 different tips for you through which you may become successful.

Increasing empathy

Well, lots of people claim that, you must let your baby understand that, she is doing it wrong. But I would say, no. Rather, you can try to visualize the feeling, which she is facing right now and can act as a mirror. You may tell her, “I’ve been gone through your situation and realizing what you’re feeling now”. So in this way, you’re trying to provide your baby the opportunity to make her feel that, “yes, my parents understand me well in all situations, and they care about me too”. This little sensible trick really works. You may not give them the thing what they demand but providing them with the empathetic feeling about yourself. This restricts her to get angrier or becoming upset.  That’s going to be enough for her to calm down after a while. Afterwards, parents may also follow up by boosting up baby’s confidence, which definitely will be helpful for her in the long run.

Sudden game

According to my point of view, playing a sudden game with your child can play a vital role in this situation. It may certainly change her mood as playing with her is something that she might not expecting. This game can be a mind game like asking your child about names of five things that are blue in colour or it may be naming 5 fruits that start with the any particular alphabet etc. This type of play will surely divert their impatient mood to regain the composure., also give yourself break!

Giving her a hug

You all know, kids are always looking for affection from their parents. So giving a hug in any anxious moment or anger period can effectively take part to keep her cool. It empowers the bonding between parents and child. What you can do is, creating a new method embracing, for instance can act as a butterfly before hugging her and so on. This depends on your imagination and your child’s response with it.    


Distracting from present scenario to any positive one can be another effective way to keep your baby under control. You have to divert them in such a way so that she won’t understand what is happening. It may be purchasing a new chocolate or performing some simple magic in front of them or through any other similar activities.

Being quiet

Sometimes, if you remain calm during child’s anger or impatient moment, this also works as a remedy to tackle the situation. The more you would become louder to your child; there is a strong chance that your child may become more upset. So as a parent, if you can remain silent in this moment, possibly works effectively to control the annoyance of the child.


I strongly believe, applying some of the meditation rules has great impact on controlling your baby’s temper. For an example, if you tell your child to follow you in enchanting the word ‘Om’ for several times, it can reduce your child’s irritation and at the same time would help her to feel better. The concept behind this is when you chant the word, the vibration heals the anger. Besides, you can also tell her to take a deep breath, directly out from belly and exhales accordingly. This may lead to tranquilize the nerve system of the child that helps her to become calm.   

Singing a song

You all already know that most of the kids like music a lot. If you know your child’s favourite songs and artists, during her impatience scenario you can sing the songs that your child likes most. This can play a significant role to make her happy, and also lessens her emotion a bit. Apart from that, if you like, you may also dance with your infant, which can diminish her madness, regardless of how well you are dancing!

So I firmly believe, these 7 ways can help you to control your toddler’s temper and will eventually make her cool down.

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