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5 ways to maximize family time

Creating Lasting Memories

In a blink of the eye, they are grown up. Kids grow so fast that it feels like it has been ages since you last held them as a newborn. But the question then becomes, “Did you spend enough time with them?” or “ Could you have made more of an effort?” If you ask any parent today, most will agree, that is one thing that they wish they could do more. With the daily grind of either juggling a career, running a household or even getting caught up in their daily routines, little time remains for “quality”  family time. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to start making and lasting memories as a family.

Family Dinners

All though, that sounds easy enough, it can be quite difficult. Depending on a child’s age, there are usually challenges associated with dinner, whether it is getting them to eat as a toddler, getting everyone to the table at the same time, or once there, getting everyone to talk to one another. At all possible, try to make this a daily occurrence. Plan meals that everyone will like. Make the table a judge free zone where your older children can feel comfortable talking to you about their day. Also, time can be spent together prepping, cooking and cleaning up from the meal.

Schedule Activities

Schedule some time during the week for the family to do an activity together. Plan activities that everyone will enjoy, don’t make it feel like a punishment. There is a wide range of activities that you can choose from. And try to mix it up. Whether it is going on a hike, going to a museum, or even having a game night. Keep it fun and entertaining. Try to schedule as much of these activities together and as often as possible.

Make sure to put it on a schedule where everyone can see it.

Establish Work Boundaries

When you are home, you are home. At all possible disconnect yourself from your work responsibilities when you are at home. If you must work at home, make sure it does not interfere with any scheduled activities.

No Technology Zones

In today’s society, everyone is “hooked” on some sort of technology, especially kids. Establish a time frame daily where there will be no technology use, yourself included. Outdoor activities are great for bonding too!

Don’t stress over the small stuff

Try your best not to stress over stuff that could be affecting the time that you do have to spend with your family. If you had a bad day at work, try to leave it at the door. If it is something that doesn’t need immediate attention, leave it be.

Making family time important, is not only for creating lasting memories but creating future memories. If you instill the need to have family time in your children, they will more likely follow up with their children creating memories of their own. It will also help parents as they get older, stay involved in their children’s lives.

If you smile, things will work out.

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