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4 Fun Ways to Be a More Playful Parent

It is no hidden fact that in order to become closer to children, one has to be more similar to them, in actions and in thought. Now, you are probably thinking, “How do I do that without having my inner parent kick in?”.

These are the most efficient, convenient and routine tactics that you can indulge in to strengthen your bond with your children by being more playful.

Incorporate Play into Everyday Tasks

Children can throw tantrums about and refuse to do the most basic but necessary tasks. It can be quite a struggle to make your kid wash his / her hands after playtime, brush his/her teeth before bed, drink that glass of milk or simply take his / her shoes off before jumping on the bed.

In all these situations, it is not recommended to always talk of consequences and punishment. This can not only get annoying for your children, but it can also become less effective with consistent use. Instead, turn routine tasks and chores into fun games.

Transform the mundane washing of hands or brushing of teeth into the interesting game of defeating the “evil germs” or the much-dreaded bath time into play by adding some bubbles and a mix of toys and rubber duckies. This will not only be healthy but also entertaining for the kids.

It’s Okay To Get Messy Once In A While

Know that kids are bound to make a mess, play in the dirt and get untidy. It’s all a part of their exploration and growth. Be the fun-loving mother by letting them dance in the rain and jump in the puddles in the right season or be the playful father who competes in the “how fast can you eat” races on the dinner table.

Without making any compromises on the safety and health of your kids, bow down to their level in a game of building dirt castles. Nothing will make you ‘cooler’ in the eyes of your children than an untidy adventure.

Try Out New Adventures Sometimes

Step out of every day, rigid routine and try out new arrangements. A day out camping and exploring nature or a night spent counting the stars whilst lying on a mattress on the terrace or in the backyard will surely prove to be an exciting reprieve from the dull regularity. Nothing will bring you closer to your kids like a picnic breakfast in the kids’ favourite park or a quick, surprise weekend getaway.

Bend The Rules

Rules can be exhausting, irritating and harsh on the kids’ creativity and exploration. It is okay to relax the rules sometimes and let them skip a bath or wear the dress of their choice. Being a Debbie Downer is certainly not going to help you maintain a healthy and fun relationship with your kids. It can only lead to frustrated, upset and disobeying kids and harder time.

Lighten up, smile more & laugh more

These were the four golden rules for being a more playful and fun-loving parent whist managing your responsibilities. The key to a healthy bond is to strike the perfect balance between these two aspects. So let loose your inner child once in a while. Have fun playing in the dirt!

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