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3 Mess-Free Ways to Have Fun With Your Kids at Home

Now that families across the world are adjusting to a remote life at home as the new normal, the thin line between work, personal growth, and family time is blurrier than ever. There are more chances to bond with your little rugrats and exchange more laughter, but if you need some creative ways to keep them busy when you need to get some work done, it can be tricky.

There’s nothing messier than the creative minds of children looking for some fun. When schools are out, and your kids are in a hyper-mood for some adventure indoors, the tips below should explore different ways to have fun around the house without turning it upside down.

Tip #1: Get Crafty with Leftover Paper Towel Rolls

Paper towels are undoubtedly abundant during this time, and instead of discarding them, you can still breathe new life into the cardboard tube by giving it a fresh, colourful makeover. Sit down with your kids for some time to teach them some arts and crafts.

You can use washi tapes to wrap around the paper towel rolls and give it a pop of bold colour if you want to avoid handling something messy such as paint. Just be sure to pair it with safety scissors! If washi tapes are a no-go, colouring pens can do the trick!

Either way, show them how they can turn something brown and boring into anything their heart’s desire – from spy glasses, binoculars, to even an elephant’s trunk! After showing them the way, you can have some free time for yourself while your kids create crafty inventions using just cardboard rolls.

Tip #2: Create Quirky Sculptures Using Glow Sticks

Grow in dark
Grow in dark

Glow sticks are easily one of the most entertaining toys around, especially for kids. Other than using it as a wand for wizards, glow sticks come with different sizes and little connectors, which means you can build sculptures from the ground up with a touch of magical glow.

The best part is that it lights up even brighter in the dark, allowing your children to create fun imagery that they can also use as a night light. Of course, you can keep it simple by turning the glow sticks into necklaces or bracelets, but adding form can make the activity more dynamic.

Tip #3: Create New Designs Using DIY Tissue Box Art

Other than playing around with leftover cardboard from your tissue rolls, you can also make something fun with unwanted tissue boxes by painting it into different colours. Add googly eyes and paper teeth inside the opening to create tissue box monsters for a simple yet exciting activity.

The Bottom Line

Kids love to dip their hands on ooey-gooey slime solutions for boredom, but this can quickly turn into a colourful mess as soon as you turn your backs around. However, opting out glitter bombs doesn’t mean your kids’ entertainment has to lose its sparkle.

The tips above should help you keep your children busy and happy for some time with fewer materials and an even fewer mess to clean up after.

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