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20 Tips to save money as a Stay-At-Home Mum

Interestingly, when I have decided to stay home when my first child was born, then many people asked me why I am staying at home rather than join in a work. I could have joined work; this would definitely help my husband to maintain the family economically. Because with one person’s income, it’s really hard to maintain it, isn’t it? Then I decided, I have to find out ways to save money from home. Could you believe? Yes, I really found, the ways of saving it. Obviously, the billion dollar question arises now, how it’s possible? Here I’ll provide 20 effective tips to achieve the goal.

1. Learn Hair-cutting:

The very first thing, which I did, was ordering clippers from Amazon. Because I thought that if I can learn hair-cutting with clippers, certainly it will reduce the hair cutting cost of my family members. First of all, I applied my learning over my husband! Believe me; he was so pleased to see the result and so am I. Then I cut my child’s hair. In this way I am able to cut the cost almost more than $35 to $50 weekly, which normally we used to spend in saloon.

Now, how can you learn it? Obviously from YouTube, you can learn how to cut hair with the help of clippers. I also did the same thing. In the first few days, I took longer time to cut my husband’s hair as I was new. But after trying several times, now I am able to do my husband as well as child’s hair stylishly within short time almost like saloon time! The thing is, the more time you practice, you’ll become more experienced, so can shape the hair as you like within very short time.

2. Comparison of prices  

You can researched and take time to learn prices of daily necessaries at the grocery store, shopping mall, warehouse, etc in order to get the best price. It took me a certain period to get used to these prices. Then I analysed and compared the figures. The result is really relevant. You can take the Cole or Woolworth weekly brochure and shop for their discounted products! Now I can cut the expenditure significantly, which I used to expend during my office life. In almost every product I can save a good amount of money in this way. 

3. Controlling budget

This is a crucial part, if you want to economise your budget, staying at home. However, in my case I made a monthly plan of controlling monthly budget for family maintenance. I at first, sort out the most urgent necessities, then put priorities according to it. I really think it’s one of the most important money saving factor for every families. Cut out all luxuries by replacing them with unbranded. I really think it’s one of the most important money saving factor for every family.

4. Stop wasting money on disposable products

This is an interesting but really effective move. Replacing plastic wrap with reusable storage containers or paper towels with cotton kitchen towels is worthy enough to cut back your amounts. Also you can avoid purchasing bottled water. Instead, can carry reusable water containers and fill up for free whenever you’re free. If you have little children, try to replace the disposable diapers with cloth diapers, not only save your tons of money, its also beneficial to our environment.

5. Eat at home rather than eat out

Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to have dinner or take lunch outside restaurants to avoid the monotony of having your meals in the same place. But this is going to be too costly if you have a growing family. So I recommend prepare special foods at your home with minimal cost, which will give you the flavor of restaurant foods. Certainly, this will help make savings.

6. Buy discounted / used clothes

It will be a wise decision if you buy second hand dresses for your family members for casual outfits. This is more applicable for the kids as they grow fast. So spending $30-$40 on a shirt/skirt isn’t economical enough, since they will outgrow it fast. As a result, purchasing used cloths is an effective cheap method indeed.

7. Cheaper entertainment

As a stay home mum, it becomes a temptation to spend more time on various costly entertainment sources. I also fall in the trap in first few days. Then I choose only Netflix connections for watching movies only and avoid cable TV channels as they are too expensive. It helps me to tighten the family budget.

8. Minimal Lifestyle

If you can set a standard minimal expenditure for your lifestyle, nothing can be better than this to save family cost. I am following this sort of lifestyle, which is well supported by my family members as well. Life becomes very simple and affordable in this way.

9. Looking for sales and special discount offer

Specially in Christmas, year ending sales or in any sort of special offers that is running seasonally, there are so many cheap and attractive offers for everything that I don’t miss at all. During these attractive offers, I prefer to buy all the necessary things in bulk numbers. This also helps me to save a significant amount with the curtailed prices of these products. Try look for bargain in Target for off-season outfit, you can easily get something 80% of RRP.

10. Online shopping

Online shopping is another good option to minimise your cost. As you can order from home, you don’t have to travel, so fuel consumption of the car/ transportation cost would become less. Not only that, it also saves your valuable time and there are varieties of products, from which you can choose your own. At the same time, as there is no maintenance costs from the seller like renting a shopping space or utility bills etc, so the prices are becoming also cheaper than conventional shops, makes this concept really worthy.

11. Budget Meal plan with kid friendly foods

This is one of my favourite ways to become more economical. Kids are very important part of our families, and also you have to find out what your kids like to eat. Then you have to prepare those foods in your way to make it fit to your budget. At the same time, you can also take these cheap but healthy foods. Check out our budget meal recipe here.

12. Reduce your phone plan

This is a tricky part. I heard lots of people don’t research on this and buy cell phone at once. Later they have to pay a great amount of bill from their pocket. What I did about choosing my phone package, I went to different comparison website and learn about the benefits and packages of different phone package providers. Then I choose the package that suits with my affordability and usage, so that I can manage my monthly budget.

13. Reduce food waste and utilise everything

I followed this wonderful strategy and found it’s really effective. I almost use up every parts of vegetables or fruits that normally we don’t eat and throw it out to bin. I use them in preparing special dish, that all of my family members like to eat. If you purchases your groceries or veges in bulk, pre-cook and freeze them. This can last longer and save your cooking time!

14. Keep birthday and other celebrations simple

This is a really effectual way to minimise your cost. If it’s about your child’s birthday, Kids normally enjoy the company of other kids, no matter how they’re spending the day. You can plan your child’s party at your residence with a few appropriate games so that they will be enjoying the time well. This surely will make them happy and will help you to be within your monetary limit. Check out our budget kids birthday celebration for idea.

15. Grow vegetables at your residence

If you have space in your backyards or front yards, you should make utilisation of that space by growing vegetables there. In this way, not only you’ll enjoy the flavor of your fresh, organic vegetables, but also this will save your pocket indeed. No backyard, no worries. Check out what type of veges you can grow at home.

16. Use cash instead of credit card

Well, this is a tricky part.  Recent studies show that people who pay with cash spend less than those who use a credit card. Because if you are dealing with cash, when you have to pay , it would make a huge impression on you rather than swiping a card. It really makes sense. So put more cash with you than a credit or debit card. So while spending, you’ll be thinking, oh, I am expending a lot! This will help you to fit to your budget.

17. Open a separate savings account to fund birthday and holiday spending

Say you’re going to arrange a birthday party for your child or you all will be going to special holiday outings, but it’s in the middle of the month. So what will be your option? You have to spend from your monthly budget! Isn’t it?  It always makes you anxious, how you’ll manage the rest of the month. For these sorts of parties and holiday outing, it would be appropriate to open and maintain a separate savings account, so that you don’t have to think too much for managing budget about these sorts of spending. This will definitely minimise your lucrative in a fruitful way.

18. Use a programmable thermostat and controlling electricity consumption

Well, you might be thinking how you can save money by using a programmable thermostat? But this is true. If you can setup the programmable thermostat, it would take up less energy than usual times, as it will be programmed in such a way that it consumes less power when you’re outside of home and in night, specially whenever you don’t need it in full power. I also control the electricity consumption in a structured way rather than rational. Whenever there is no one in the room, I turn all switches of the room off. Also before running washing machine for daily laundry I normally wait until there is a full load of dirty clothes. Another thing I have learnt from one of my friend, that is, using microwave or toaster even for preparing small dishes instead of using oven can be another way to about half of the power than oven.

19. Use online learning system to learn weaving

This is quite interesting and challenging too. Because weaving is one such art, that is hard to learn and needs deep attention to learn. But you can search over several YouTube channels from where you’ll find several tutorials over there, which will be extremely helpful for learning this thing. In my case for wearing simple dress of mine, my husband and my child, I don’t have to go to shop to purchase it. Rather I make it at my home, which certainly helps me to stick to my budget.

20. Make alternate natural cleaners at your home

I am currently using water, vinegar and baking soda as a household home-made cleaner instead of purchasing multiple cleaners for the cleaning purpose. By doing this, I am able to save a good amount of money. You can also try this at your home.

I think these 20 effective tips will be helpful for you to save your valuable money.

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