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13 Super Easy Blog Name Ideas

One of the most essential decisions that you make for your blog is by deciding an appropriate name for it. Something that will define you, your blog, helps you be on top of the search engine optimization. As the digitalization increases by each passing day, the competition tends to increase every day in the blogging world, the more the blogs, leaves you with fewer options for your own blogging name.

What Determines A Better Blog Name?

The most ideal name for your blog will be something that is unique in nature, has all the right keywords of what your blog is about to make sure it is ranked high on the search engine optimization. The keywords you may add in your blog name should be the primary topic of discussion and the main focus of your blog. Going for a unique name for your blog will help you in creating your own brand through it, on the other hand if you go for a name which is common and generic, it will just add on to the confusion and you will be lot among the many bloggers having the similar name. Your blogging name should be as unique as it could be. The name also depends on what you may offer within your blogs, if it is a fashion lifestyle blog, a health blog, whether you are trying to promote your business the name should reflect what your goal is, what your main focus is. If you have your own personal blog, you can surely use your own name.

A Few Tips And Ideas To Help You Decide Better

1.Don’t Rush The Decision

You whole future blogging self will be using the name; do not rush into making any decision for yourself without measuring the consequences of your action. You can definitely not go on making changes to your blogging name every now and then if you do, you will have to change the domain name of your blog, and this action may result in you losing some serious traffic from your web page along with this you will also have to change your blog name from multiple social media accounts, imagine losing all the likes, shares and retweets, this is definitely not a good idea. Your blog name is your brand, you will have brand identity crisis if you keep on changing the name often, so before haphazardly choosing one, be sure of your decision.

2. Catchy Simplified, And Short

When deciding on the name, focus on these: the name should be simple, easy to remember and spell, it should be short and it should definitely be catchy to some extent to give a hint of style, thoughtfulness and attraction in it. It might be difficult to decide a name which fits perfectly in the above description but to say the least you can at least try focus on these attributes to create a unique name for your blog. Not optimizing the blog name in the best way can even have negative effects on your search engine optimization, remember you need to focus n becoming search engine optimized, you need the high ranking to get more views and more traffic should be diverted to your blog, in order to do as make this decision of selecting the blog name smartly rather than casually.

3. Do Not Be Too Specific

While deciding on the name if you narrowly focus on just one niche, you are restricting your log’s effective growth in the future. Go for name that covers all the broader aspects focusing narrowly on one market may seem like the right decision now, but can have a negative impact in the near future. For instance in your blog posts you want to focus majorly on one aspect right now but later you may feel like you have flushed out all your possible resources on just one thing and it is high time to expand the domain of your blog, a limited blog name will however become a hindrance.

4. Improve Your Vocabulary

In order to search the right name for your blog, get ready for the loads of research coming your way, you can get a good use of your thesaurus now, you will have to dig in deep to the world of vocabulary to find just the right combination of words for you.

5. Alliteration Can Help You Create A Jingle

The techniques of alliteration works best when you are looking for a blog name, you can start all the words from one specific alphabet which is alliteration, it will help in making your blog name sounds like a jingle, it will be catchy and unique.

6. Avoid Using Numbers Or Characters

Using numbers for your blog names is definitely not a good idea, they tend to look more old school hard to remember and just plainly boring. Using special characters might be important in some cases where if you may not use it the blog name might create confusion. Other than it being utterly important in any case, do not use such elements in your blog name. There are so many options, ways and tips you can incorporate to decide on the best names.

7. Look For A Pun

Just to make more sense of your blog, to make it more attractive you can also use a pun when you decide on the blog name, but keep in mind, do not go for something to narrow. Funny and catchy names are said to be remembered, the viewers have a high chance of remembering your blog name. You can play a bit with psychology here and decide on a name which will help you to become more familiar, easily recalled and the name suits your blog the best ways.

8. Make Effective Use Of Humor

In order to create light environment from the start you can use the pun and humor to start the blog name. This aids your blog name to become more famous, catchy, and unique and builds up your persona even before people click on to read your blog, it also creates a level of curiosity.

9. You Can Make up Your Own Words

Yes, this true you can play with the alphabets and make up your own word to name your blog. Might not be as effective but this is surely a good idea. If you think of the most famous companies existing in this time, most of them have a made-up name, which proved to become so much of success for their businesses. This is surly a technique one can effectively incorporate in their blog naming ideas. One reason you can hesitate in making up your own name is the fact, that you will pretty much be unrecognizable before you become something big. The good part is you can define your blog and the blog name whichever way you want, since it is a made-up name you can give it whatever meaning to it.

10. Research And Study Your Niche

Study the niche and your competitors can give you a deep insight of what the viewers expect, how they react to various blog names, how the name helps in retaining the viewers. Researching the niche will make you understand the type of content the viewers expect, you can use strategies to name your blog in accordance to what you deliver making it easier for the people to know what they will be offered through your work.

11. The Name Should Appeal To The Readers

Once you have described the niche, you need to make effective efforts to understand what they expect from you just so that you are able to deliver the best of your content. The name that you select for your blog should appeal to your target audience, while deciding the name you should defiantly consider what your target audience is and how can you best satisfy them.

12. A Concept Behind Every Word

You can effectively choose the right words and depict a different story with it, for instance if you not only want a fitness blog but you would want to talk about fashion you can combine for instance you can use words such as yoga, workout, planks, or whatever which indicates that you are focusing on fitness and combine it with another word such as heels, scarves and what not to make an effective name. So we can safely conclude that you can use a combination of words each focusing on a different niche and make up your own blog name.

13. You Can Be Descriptive

To give a better idea of what your blog is like you can purely take the descriptive approach to define it in the fewest words possible yet deliver the message you want.

For the conclusive thoughts, we can establish the fact that the blog name should not only focus on being just some name, but it should also define your niche, describe your content, give an insight to something fun that your viewers can look forward to. The blogging name should not be just a haphazard decision but a good amount of thought and efforts should be invested to select the best name for your blog.

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