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10 Popular Blog Niches That Make Money and Drive Traffic *2020*

Have you ever thought of start a blog? You probably read lots of popular blogs out there and wondering how they make money, right?

This post is all about the top blog niches that are easy to monetise and gain traffic overtime. If you are a stay-at-home mum looking to make some side income, well, you can start a mum blog and start making money today!

There are so many other bloggers that are making a full-time income by just blogging. Having a good blogging niche is very important. Niche is basically a topic that you blog about. For example, it can be very broad, like parenting, or it can be more targeted, like single mums or pregnancy. A blog basically helps people solve their problems; in order to build your loyal readers, you must give them what they want.

So why do you need a niche? If you just want to blog for fun and DON’T really care about making money, then it doesn’t really matter what you write about. You can write about your pets, your lifestyle, your family or what soever that you are comfortable with. However, if you seriously want to monetise your blog, you should have a niche. Why? Because a defined niche will help you establishing yourself as an authority in your niche overtime.


You must have heard a lot that you must be passionate about what you write in order to success. While it’s true that you should know your niche well in order to blog on, however, there’s no guaranteed that the niche you are interested will bring you success. Not all niches are easy to monetise! You know what I mean.


So, before you get started, you should check on the people interest on your niche. You can check on people interest with google trend. Here’s an example of kid’s toy. You can get a broad idea when’s the peak search and what’s people are looking for.

Another awesome FREE tools UberSuggest by Neil Patel for keywords and contents idea.

This way, you can make sure it can be monetise before putting all your effort into the blog. Monetise method can be via affiliate marketing, display ads, offering digital physical or products. Please take note that if there aren’t many blogs or website in this niche means there’s NO demand for it.

Best niche?

So, “what’s the best niche to write on?” I bet you must have asked yourself this question several times and ended up doing nothing! Well, I understand that no one wants to start blogging in a niche that isn’t going to be profitable for them.

The truth is choosing a blog niche is not easy. It is important that you are passionate about and have the potential monetise, otherwise you will be quitted before even making a penny.

Please remember that don’t make the mistake to start a blog that you have totally no interest in (even it’s a top niche for making money) because it will be very hard for you to continue and create content for it without any interest or knowledge.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect. This is the reason why most people quit even before they started. Because they wasted a lot of time by perfecting every single part and ended up losing interest! Start immediately and learn as you go! Nothing is perfect and it’s impossible to start perfect!


People search for solution for their problem not a long story. You will have to give people what they need. For example, pretend that you are meeting these people and provide them with a product, service or information that will help meet their need. Explain in short and straightforward like you are explaining to 5 years old kid. Keep these in mind, and they are going to love your content and keep coming back for more.


So, not sure what to write about and need help on deciding a niche for your blog? I would share some of the most popular blogs for you along with their monthly income so you can have an idea how much is it possible to earn!

Blog Expenses

If you are new to blog and you probably wondering if you need any money to maintain a blog. Whether it’s a personal blog just for fun or a business blog that are making money, you will need to consider the cost of maintaining the blog.

Don’t worry, there are free options like WordPress.com. Your cost would be Free or Minimal depending on your needs. A more premium option is available for serious bloggers that are looking to make money. Anyway, here’s some basic that you would need. More detailed information can be found on how to start a blog from scratch.

Domain NameUniregistry$10.88/Year
Web HostingSiteground$3.95/Month
Fastest WordPress ThemeAstraFREE

Bear in mind that the best niches for you is the one that reflects your authenticity. And it’s best to do what you are passionate about and what knowledge do you already have. You can perhaps have more than one blog that covers several niches. Anyway, the choice will always be yours to decide what you want to blog about.

10 Popular Blog Niches That Make Most Money

1. Parenting

Parenting blog no doubt is a profitable niche and one of the easiest blog new blogger can start with. Parenting blog is so popular because mums are everywhere, and this is a universal niche. There are so many topics within the parenting niche. You can choose to stay broad or write about specific topics e.g. pregnancy, home schooling, or babies.

So how do you make money as a parenting blogger? Well the truth is parents will spend time and money research on what’s best for their kids as there’re thousands of products out there. You can make money with display ads, affiliate marketing, work with big brands via sponsored post, or even selling your own products e.g. eBook, Parents and Babies goods.

Here are some successful bloggers in parenting niche.

2. Health and Fitness

You know what? Health and Fitness is an everlasting niche. Millions of people search for “how to stay fit / health / slim / lose weight” daily. Who doesn’t want to lose weight these days? Basically, you are talking with big group of people in the world. It is easier to start a blog with huge audiences rather than a very specific niche targeted just very small group of people.

The best way you can make money with Health and Fitness niche is display ads, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products or services e.g. eBook, Health and Fitness coaching, Slimming Tea and many more…

Here are some successful bloggers in Health and Fitness niche.

Tempting hey? If you are new and don’t know how to start a blog, don’t worry as most bloggers learn as they go. Soon or later you will figure out how to maximise your earning.

3. Lifestyle

Another popular niche is lifestyle blog, it’s slightly different than others because it includes various non-relevant topics – food, travel, finance, fashion, money, parenting, or other topics.

Lifestyle blogs usually focus on just one type of audience – Australia or demographic – stay home mums, teenagers, online gamers, single mums and so on. There’s no limit with lifestyle blog, you can get tons of traffic by writing different topics. If you can speak and help your audience to solve their problems, you can make money with a lifestyle niche.

Lifestyle bloggers earn money from display ads, affiliate marketing, or can even become an influencer that focus on social media – Instagram or Facebook. With huge audience can easily earn thousands by collaborating with brands.

Here are some successful bloggers in lifestyle niche.

4. Finance

Personal finance is another popular niche with lots of searches. Generally, you can cover almost everything about Money! – saving money, making money, investing, budgeting, side income, frugal living, and many more.

Any combination works well – parenting + money = budget mums or millionaire mums. You can easily get lots of traffic, with high income potential – own digital products or sponsored post. Also, plenty of high-paying affiliate in the finance niche too!

Here are some successful bloggers in lifestyle niche.

5. Home

If your Instagram or Pinterest full of home décor or DIY work. You can choose this niche by creating more contents. Whether it’s minimalist living or farmhouse décor, you can easily attract huge amount of audience, why? – because it’s eye candy!

Here are some successful bloggers in lifestyle niche.

6. Religion

Have you ever wondered that a Christian blog can be profitable?

Religious blog like Christian blogging is an amazing way to introduce Jesus into people’s lives. You know what? Many people go online to connect on a deeper level with others. This usually happened when they feel depress, sad, or some incident happened to them. They need something to strengthen their way of life.

This niche is suitable for people to share their knowledge of Christian and earn some income. If you are uncomfortable to speak in front of crowd but passionate in the job as a pastor, this fit you perfectly. Built your following with the wisdom of Jesus.

Here is one of the successful bloggers in religion niche.

7. Blogging

Blog on blogging is about how to make money online via blogging. This is a very popular yet profitable niche. While this niche probably making more than others – food blogger or fashion blogger, but it’s very hard to stand out from the crowd because the competition in this niche is very high. You can also create your own digital products to sell or partner with some high-paying affiliates companies. There’re a lot of potential in this niche.

Here are some successful bloggers in blogging niche.

8. Technology

If you are a tech-savvy person, have the knowledge on latest gadgets – iPhone or Samsung or Microsoft or Google. You can easily write tons of articles in this niche.

You can make money by helping brands reviewing their gadgets either in the form of video or post. Display ads in this niche is also very easy to monetise because many businesses are looking to promote their products or services in this niche – iPhone case seller or Mobile App Developers.

Here are some successful bloggers in blogging niche that make hundreds of thousands a month.

9. Food

Food blogs are not as popular as the rest of the niche simply because its very hard to make money from. Even it has high traffic potential, however, it can be harder to sell your own products or affiliate. Most people are just looking for idea or recipes, not going to buy anything.

But, with large amount of traffic it creates opportunities to earn money from display ads and sponsored post.

Here are some successful bloggers in blogging niche.

10. Fashion and Beauty

Have you notice that many fashion and beauty bloggers are also an influencer? Yes, with large number of followers or audiences, lots of them are making six or seven figures collaborating with brands. Why? Because women – regardless of their ages, are constantly looking to preserve their youth with the latest beauty products.

If you are passionate about or simply want to share your knowledge or experience on fashion or beauty, then this is perfect for you.

Here are some successful bloggers in fashion niche

Starting a blog is exiting and Yes! you can make money from blogging. So, what are you waiting for? How to start a blog from scratch. Let’s get started now!

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