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10 fun learning activities for 2-year-olds

Are you looking for the ways to entertain and teach your 2 years old baby in a proper way? Well this writing may help you in this regard. Lots of parents are struggling hard to guide their children in a structured manner. As your child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual developments have been apparent in this time period, so it’s very important that you should know what would be the best possible ways to educate the baby in a joyful manner. I’ll state 10 learning activities here in this writing so that you can try them for your children.

Hiding Toys

This is one of the easiest indoor activities for 2-years old babies. You may hide a toy in some places of the house, and then tell your child to find it for you. Whenever the baby is searching for it; you can provide her with some sorts of clues to help her.  At the same time, try to make the exploration a bit more interesting by using flashlights, which can definitely increase her interest and make the situations more live. Through this activity, you’ll able to enhance her listening, problem solving, social and memory skills.   

Creating a mailbox

In this play you may try to create a mailbox by taking an old shoe box or cardboard box, and then decorate it as per your choices. This is going to be a good option to show her how to build this mail box and the way of operating it. The mail box can be filled earlier by junk mails. Now when you open the box, you better show your child how to open the box by herself. This would be extremely helpful for her to develop her skills as she would be checking what is inside it by opening each envelope. You can also provide her the basic concepts of mailing, different colours, sizes and as well as counting the number of envelopes in the mail box. You can also initiate a play by acting as if you are the post office authority and show her how to deliver the mails to everyone. In this process, you will be able to teach her the concepts of post office and develop the skills of understanding the colours as well as counting the numeric.       

Identifying Body parts

This is one of my favourite plays, which I always like to play with my baby. You may try to draw a picture by making your child lying down on a big piece of paper, and then indicate her different parts of the body like two eyes, nose, mouth, ears etc. After showing several times, the child would follow this and try to learn by herself. This is an amazing process of self learning and self control as she is going to lie down on the piece of paper by herself. You can also append some more funs by colouring different parts of the body. If they don’t like this type of play, don’t force them. Alternatively, you can touch different parts of the body and show her how to identify it. In this way also she is going to learn different parts of the body. Through this play your baby is going to learn self controlling, language skills as well as recognizing the human body parts.

Passing a ball

Passing a ball with your toddler can be another good fun learning activity. In this case, you can play with her by passing a ball and then show her how to stop it and give it back to you. As she is new, so you have to make her learn the total working method several times. In this moment you can also discuss how the ball passing mechanism works. So by applying this trial and error method you can teach her how to play, increase the communication and teamwork spirit as well. So through this task, you would be able to educate the 2-year old little one to understand the cause and effect, team work and thus increase the communication ability.  

Drawing songs

This is another interesting learning aspect, which you can follow in case of enlightening your child with some innovative hobbies. Here, while you’re singing one of the most favourite songs that she like, in front of your baby, you can draw a simple picture in a notebook to show the little one what is actually happening in the lyrics of the song. After that, hand it over to the little baby so that she can understand the happenings easily. In this time you can also tell her to draw her own version by herself. This is going to be really effective for her learning of language skills, creativity as well as storytelling, which has great impact on her future life.    

Initiate conversations

What can be better than giving your child a chance to learn the social communication all by her? Well, this is going to be like that. You can provide her with a toy or a Barbie doll and motivate her to take care of that doll or toy like you do with the toy or doll. After few days, you’ll observe that the child is trying to follow you by taking care of that doll. She will hold, talk, dress and making the doll sleep just like you did earlier.  Through this wonderful lesson she will be able to learn social communication and creativity skills along with taking up the responsibilities and raise her imaginary ability.

Create a colour wheel

Creating a colour wheel is another standard fun learning activity for your 2-year old child. If you buy or build a colour wheel for your little genius, she will surely learn the names of the colours easily and can play accordingly. 

Instant picnic without too much planning

When your children get up in the morning, there is nothing more enjoyable for her if you can surprise her by arranging a sudden family picnic even without taking any preparation. In the picnic, there will be lots of involvement and bonding, which she will enjoy and from there gain practical knowledge as well. Also this will boost up her creativity and communication skills.

Taking participation in weekly cleaning activities

This is another effective learning activity that your 2-year old baby will enjoy a lot. During week-end when you’re cleaning your lawn, house and surrounding places, please take her with you so that she can gain sufficient practical knowledge and apply it in future life, which will definitely help her to become more responsible even in 2 years old age.

Imaginary play as in boat or train

Whenever your baby sits on a towel or blanket, you may gently pull the blanket around different places of the house, by acting as if you’re both sitting on a boat or a train. On the way, you may pretend to stop at different places like restaurants, zoo or parks. This particular play will help her to build up more balancing and high imaginary power.

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