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10 fun learning activities for 1-year-olds

My youngest child is growing up very quickly, and reach her very first birthday celebration.  In this time she needs a lot of concentration and company from parents, elder siblings and other family members.  This is probably one of the sweetest moments of me and her. Isn’t it? Now how should I utilize the time properly for her? One thing I’ve learned from my previous baby’s experience; babies don’t require a huge number of toys for playing around. Rather, babies are eager to learn surrounding activities during this time span. I’ll state 10 learning activities here so that you can try them for your children.


Playing music with your baby can be a very standard learning activity for her. For this you don’t have to purchase musical tools. You may try to create music through any rhythmic instruments which are simpler and available objects around you like spoons, pots, pens, bells and so on. This play will not only entertain the child as well as uplift to play by herself. Through this activity you can teach your children musical sense, coordination and listening skills.

Play House

You may create a play house from cardboard box, or make a play tunnel to play with your 1-year old child. Building a big house can be a good idea for playing purposes, whenever you build this, show her how you’d make these. In this play house, show her the entrance and exit point so that she can enter in and out from the play house by herself. But for that, obviously you have to show baby the way to go in and come out from the play house. After showing several times, she will understand the way to gain access to the house that you made for her.  Then you along with other family members can play with her by acting like asking her for permission to enter the house, pretending that she is the owner of the house. This will help her to learn social skills as well as discovering new places around her, which will definitely provide her with boundless joys.


In this game, you’ll hand over a toy phone to your child and will keep a phone for yours as well. Then you may pose to phone someone and also presents how to make conversations with each other and other imaginary characters. You may create some interesting voices or characters on the calls so that the little baby can identify different tones easily. In some toy phones, you’ll find options to record your total conversations that will be really fun element for her later when you play it. In this way she will learn linguistic and social involvements. 


Bringing objects can be another interesting and fun learning element for your baby. You can send your child to different nearby places of your house to fetch something to you like balls, playing toys, her favourite doll or dresses etc. If you ask her to bring these things, she will learn how to interact after getting instructions as well as the guidance to find the directions that she will understand quickly. This will boost up her confidence as well as would help the infant to accomplish tasks as per instructions. Through this step, she will get lessons about understanding the directions along with applying memorizing power.


This is another learning element for your baby. First of all, create a mark on your child’s face and play with her randomly. After sometime just go in front of a mirror and carefully notice her reactions. Check whether she can identify her changes in face or not. If she can recognize that something is changed over her face and trying to remove the mark on her face; it indicates that she can identify the changes well. If she cannot identify it, don’t worries as lots of children can’t identify the unusual changes instantly. In that case show the child that she has some changes in her face. This will be helpful for her to acquire knowledge about self awareness and identity.

Counting Fingers

As I have seen, usually most of the children like to count their fingers and toes. So you can also show this counting process to your little baby by uttering the numbers loudly.  Don’t be panic if she counts randomly other than sequentially, as she has just started learning this counting process. It doesn’t matter if she counts it wrongly; rather it is important that she is learning the calculation process.  Besides numbering the fingers and toes, you can also show her to count the stairs, the number of toys etc that she finds in her surrounding places. This learning will develop the skills of counting inside her.

Hand Painting

This is one fun learning element that I am currently applying on my child and really find it worthy. You can draw different small pictures and animals in your child’s hand and foot to give her ideas about the animals and objects around her. Because child can catch or learn in fast pace through drawing compared to traditional books. In this process she will learn different objects or animals quickly through art.

Toys Making

Whenever you have any toy sets, try to show your child how to build the total thing from a scratch. This will be extremely helpful for her to build the whole object. In first few attempts your most adorable one will make several errors. Don’t become impatient. Rather try to show them for few times about the making process. Once she can build the total thing from the very beginning, it will boost up her confidence and make her feel really happy. Through this learning, the child can increase her deep attention power, improve sensory processing, and gain the multiple steps sequencing ability which definitely will be very fruitful for her life in the long run.

Toys Sorting

I found this play really interesting when applying this in my child’s case. You can give her different toys for playing purposes and after a while provide her a muffin tin or any other boxes to store and collect those toys. In the mean time you can show the child to sort these toys according to colour and put those things back accordingly to the tin or box that you provided. This will help her to acquire knowledge about the sorting process along with learning different colours. Isn’t it beneficial for them?  

Pretending Animals

In this play you can show her pictures of various animals and shout and making sounds like them, which will provide with the baby ideas about different animals easily.

I strongly believe if you try these 10 fun activities at your home, your 1-year old little one will learn and enjoy her precious moments with you.

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